David Boreanaz: ‘Bones’ Should End After this Season

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David Boreanaz: Bones should end after this season

“For me, personally, I think it’s time. I think that 11 seasons is great,” the Bones star tells E! Online in advance of tonight’s Season 11 premiere. “I mean, one season is great! I don’t really count it as seasons but what we’ve given to the show and what we can do, for me it’s great to see the show come to an end and do it the way we want to do it.” This isn’t the first time Boreanaz has expressed hope that Bones would end. In 2012, he tweeted that it was a “series wrap” for him after shooting his final scene of the season.

John Oliver to Stephen Colbert: “I couldn’t give less of a sh*t” about Donald Trump

The two former Daily Show correspondents attempted to talk about the 2015 presidential race on The Late Show, but Oliver isn’t interested. “I don’t care until we’re in the same year as the thing I’m supposed to care about,” noting that the election takes place next year. PLUS: Tom Hanks and Colbert ponder the meaning of existence.

Why Law & Order: SVU did a “Transgender Bridge” episode

Last night’s episode, in which a transgender girl is pushed off a bridge, was shot in May, after Caitlyn Jenner’s ABC interview and before her Vanity Fair cover. Says exec producer Julie Martin: “There have been a lot of stories about transgender teens, a lot of struggles, a lot of difficulty. So we’re inspired by the media, as always — what people talk about on Twitter and what we’re reading about.”

Unforgettable gets an A&E Season 4 premiere date

The canceled CBS drama will debut on Nov. 13 with back-to-back episodes.

The Affair
adds Cynthia Nixon

The Sex and the City alum will guest Noah and Alison’s challenging new couples therapist.

How real-life musicians inspired this week’s Empire

Several artists have released their albums for free in an act of rebellion. PLUS: Ludacris brought his own martial arts trainer to the set, and Andrew Royo on going from The Wire’s Bubbles to Empire’s Thirsty.

dips but is still strong in Week 2, Code Black has an OK start

About 8.5 million watched the new CBS medical drama.

Art Garfunkel joins Black Simon and Garfunkel

Watch them cover Can’t Feel My Face on The Tonight Show.

Rami Malek responds to Pete Davidson being confused for Mr. Robot

“And people love me on SNL,” Malek tweeted to Davidson. “Too funny! Would be so cool for you to play Elliot one Saturday night.”

Netflix orders 7 new kids’ shows, including Lego’s Bionicle

Netflix has also picked up Dreamworks’ Dawn of the Croods.