Science Channel to Go Live for Cassini Spacecraft’s Final Moments

Cassini Spacecraft Sends Picture Of Backlit Saturn
NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI via Getty Images
In this handout from NASA, the planet Saturn is seen backlit by the sun, sent by the Cassini spacecraft July 19, 2013 in space.

Science Channel has announced that it will follow the final moments of NASA’s Cassini spacecraft before it crashes into the atmosphere of Saturn.

On Friday, September 15, the Cassini mission will end its 13-year tour of Saturn by plunging into the gas giant and burning up. Cassini has spent months diving close to Saturn’s rings, offering the world remarkable never-before-seen images of the planet. Now we’ll see what it looks like from inside its famous rings. Science Channel will go live on September 15 at 7:50am/6:50c, broadcasting Cassini’s final moments.

Science Channel captures the months of lead-up to the mission’s “grand finale,” as well images taken right before the crash, in a special called Space’s Deepest Secrets: Cassini, premiering Tuesday, September 19 at 9/8c. This program recounts the 20-year history of the mission, its countless discoveries and awe-inspiring images, and how it has completely transformed our understanding of Saturn, its rings and moons.

“After spending more than a decade following the amazing Cassini spacecraft, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the mission and team behind one of humanity’s most profound journeys of exploration,” said Wyatt Channell, Executive Producer, Science Channel.

The network will also premiere a new episode of The Planets that explores Saturn on Tuesday, September 12, at 10/9c.

The Planets new Saturn episode, Sept. 12, 10/9c, Science Channel

Cassini spacecraft final moments before crashing into Saturn, live coverage Sept. 15 at 7:50am/6:50c, Science Channel

Space’s Deepest Secrets: Cassini, Sept. 19, 9/8c, Science Channel