’30 Rock’s Toofer Breaks Out: Watch First Episodes of Keith Powell’s New Series (Exclusive)

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For seven seasons, Keith Powell was 30 Rock’s uptight and under-appreciated “Toofer” Spurlock, but now, the man who battled Frank Rossitano for the right to wear Harvard gear and battled Tracy Jordan over a certain word is stepping, with the help of crutches, into his own spotlight with Keith Broke His Leg.

The six-episode original web series is a semi-autobiographical look at the Philly-born writer-producer-actor’s attempts to maintain normalcy after—yes—breaking his leg (in real life, it was a surgical procedure he underwent that left him briefly incapacitated). Of course, being hobbled is never easy, and it’s only made worse for the slightly fictionalized Powell when he is forced to rely on family, friends, agents and LA comedy friends—including Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), Fiona Gubelmann (Wilfred), Alexandra Krosney (Last Man Standing), Tracey Wigfield (The Mindy Project) and Leonard Robinson (Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out)—all of whom are thankfully spoofing themselves. Because really, some of these folks should never be allowed near a man in a cast.

All six episodes will be available on August 25 at www.GetBroken.com, but we have your exclusive access to the first two episodes right here! So you might as well take a Break (or two) and check ‘em out now.

Trailer: Keith Broke His Leg

Episode 1: “Pornhole”

Episode 2: “Engage”