Tracy Morgan Returns to host SNL; Miley Cyrus and Amy Schumer also Hosting

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Tracy Morgan Returns to host SNL; Miley Cyrus and Amy Schumer also hosting

Morgan will make his TV performing comeback from a June 2014 debilitating car crash when he hosts Saturday Night Live on Oct. 17. Cyrus has been tapped to host the Season 41 premiere on Oct. 3 and Schumer will host on Oct. 10. Schumer tweeted of hosting SNL for the first time: “I’ve been working on ideas for a long time and consulting with my people.” UPDATE: “Stoked to be going home,” Morgan said on Twitter.

Kathie Lee Gifford returns to Today following husband Frank Gifford’s death

“The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away,” she said this morning before adding, “That’s something that my family and I went through last week.”

KFC replaces Darrell Hammond with Norm Macdonald as Colonel Sanders

Macdonald is the latest SNL alum to take on the Colonel role in a series of commercials. The Hammond version didn’t sit will with some KFC fans.

Joel McHale: I could do another 30 years of The Soup

“I’ve got a good 30 years left!” he jokingly tells AdWeek. “It’s once a week, all my friends are doing it, and we have a great time. Why would I leave something that’s clearly working?”

Watch Empire stars Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard on Lip Sync Battle

They’re competing with the song from their movie Hustle & Flow, It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp.

British parents are naming their kids after Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones characters

There were 18 Theons, 17 Tyrions, 244 Aryas, nine Daeneryses and just six Sansas born last year. As for Downton Abbey, there has been a spike in such names as Cora, Violet, Rose and Edith.

MTV gives the Moonman a groovy facelift

This year’s VMA prize will be rainbow-colored with a peace sign.

BBC America releases the 1st trailer for The Last Kingdom

The eight-part series from Downton Abbey producers covers the birth of England.

Check out a mashup of Game of Thrones and Sesame Street

Somebody put together outtakes of GoT with its new HBO friend Sesame Street. PLUS: Go inside UC Berkeley’s Game of Thrones class.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos calls ex-Top Gear stars’ deal “very, very, very expensive”

“They’re worth a lot and they know it,” says Bezos.

John Oliver and Rachel Dratch founded their own church on Last Week Tonight

Watch Oliver as a televangelist promoting Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption.

Stephen Colbert filmed a Late Show promo Sunday morning in NYC with 600 people

The Union Square celebration consisted of red and white balloons.

You can now watch Patrick Stewart’s Blunt Talk

The first two episodes of Seth MacFarlane’s new Starz series featuring Stewart as the British star of an American cable news show are now available on demand, as is the entire first season of Survivor’s Remorse.

Keegan-Michael Key told Jimmy Fallon what it’s like rehearsing with President Obama

Their White House Correspondents’ Dinner bit, he said, was the “second greatest day of my life.” (“Because I love my wife,” he added.)

Nina Dobrev said goodbye to her Vampire Diaries character at Teen Choice Awards

“That’s right, I don’t need these anymore,” she said, showing off her fangs. PLUS: Sarah Hyland tripped, uttered F-bomb at TCAs.

gets the Grand Theft Auto V treatment

Watch the opening sequence recreated with GTA V characters.