Best Lines on TV This Week: Feisty Zingers and Fiery Comebacks

Suits - Season 5
Shane Mahood/USA Network


“How dare you defile Game of Thrones by comparing Harvey to Jon Snow.”

— Louis (Rick Hoffman) proving that no one, not even Harvey (Gabriel Macht) compares to Jon Snow

Pretty Little Liars

“You have been such a bitch to us, but we heard your story. We understand.”

— Hanna (Ashley Benson) apologizing for judging a book by its cover

The Real Housewives of New York City

“So, I’m like Glenda the Good Bitch?”

— Bethenny Frankel bringing a little edge to the classic character


“We both know that if I’m giving you life advice, you’re in some real shit.”

— Ingrid (Tiffany Boone) shedding light on the irony of the situation


“If you were to come under attack by bears, I would be rooting for the bears.”

— Chloe (Nora Arnezeder) switching her support from Team Humans to Team Animals


“My assistant is a half wit. She doesn’t eat carbs, poor thing.”

— Ellis (Kavan Smith) showing the surprising correlation between one’s diet and one’s intelligence.

Significant Mother

“I wouldn’t over think the outfit. I mean, there’s no dress code at Chuck E. Cheese.”

— Harrison (Jonathan Silverman) poking fun at Lydia (Krista Allen) for having a younger date.