Coming to TV: ‘The Great Emoji Challenge’

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Coming to TV: The Great Emoji Challenge

The very first Emoji game show is being shopped by the producer of Undercover Boss.

The Strain
will call its quits after Season 5

Exec producer Carlton Cuse spoke of the five-season plan at TV press tour: “From the very beginning, we had really talked about the first book being the first season, the second book being the next two seasons and the third book the last two seasons. We’ve stuck to that game plan.” PLUS: Can The Strain explain how bad things are in NYC?

5 ways True Detective can redeem itself in the Season 2 finale

One option: “Bring back Rust and Marty.” PLUS: More finale predictions, and how True Detective can be improved if there’s a Season 3.

Kurt Sutter on a Sons of Anarchy prequel: “It’s something that we have interest in”

“We are interested,” he says. “I think the timing of it really depends on what unfolds. I think for me, and the network, it’s taking the next obvious and right choice and [The Bastard Executioner] is the energy we’re moving in now.”

Why I Am Cait is such a mess: Viewers are unsure what they’re watching

“If anything,” says David Kaufman, “the show suffers from an overdose of the stuff. In less than 60 minutes of screen time, Cait shifts from Real Housewives-type fluff to Lifetime-like melodrama to 60 Minutes-style seriousness.”

UK’s Celebrity Big Brother will pit Americans vs. the British

Celebrity Big Brother: UK vs USA is promising the “ultimate smackdown” between celebrities from the two nations.

Jon Stewart raised more than $2.2 million for autism with his final Daily Show

A total of 47,048 people from 78 countries donated $10 or more to be entered into a raffle for tickets for the final show. PLUS: Stewart’s greatest legacy will be all the superstars he created, and go behind the scenes of the finale with Larry Wilmore and Olivia Munn.

creator on Season 2: “It is a complete reinvention”

“The look of it is much different,” says Noah Hawley. “I found my way to ’70s filmmaking paradigms.” PLUS; How many actors gained weight for Season 2?

Johnny Knoxville’s rejected ABC comedy pilot may get a second chance

The rejected pilot narrated by Knoxville and based on his life will continue to keep its cast of David Koechner, Julie Ann Emery, Brad Carter and Lavell Crawford.

Kurt Sutter jokes of The Bastard Executioner’s violence: “Nothing wrong with colorful brutality”

Sutter defended the amount of violence at FX’s portion of TV press tour: “My mandate, as it was on Sons of Anarchy, is same for this — the violence, as absurd as it could be sometimes on Sons, it always came from an organic place and it was never done in a vacuum. To every violent act, there were ramifications. That’s sort of my same mandate here.”

The X-Files
bringing back Scully’s mom

Actress Sheila Larken is set to reprise her role as Margaret Scully.

How did Rami Malek’s perception of his Mr. Robot character change?

“When I read the pilot,” he says, “I knew this guy spoke to me in a way where I thought he was capable of anything. The pilot defined that potential nerve inside of him. I was waiting to see if that would happen on his own or if certain events would allow him to make those discoveries. After getting this season’s scripts from Sam, I realized he was going to put Elliot in very precarious and perilous positions where he was going to have to act.” PLUS: Whose side is Mr. Robot on?

John Oliver has inspired Washington, D.C. residents to fight for statehood

Oliver’s Last Week Tonight segment this past Sunday has re-energized the D.C. statehood movement.

FX boss compares the new Louie hiatus to Curb Your Enthusiasm

“I think Curb is the right analogy,” says FX boss John Landgraf. “So, the truth is, I really don’t know (when ‘Louie’ might be back).”

Valerie Bertinelli has a cooking show premiering on Food Network

Bertinelli will be joined by her Hot in Cleveland co-stars on the debut episode of Valerie’s Home Cooking on Saturday.

Was Joey from Friends actually a super genius?

A new theory claims Joey Tribbiani used his wits to troll and manipulate his friends. PLUS: Friends Funko dolls are going on sale.

New Girl
’s Max Greenfield is now a blonde

His new hair color is probably for American Horror Story: Hotel.

Agent Carter
names its Season 2 villain

Introducing Madame Masque, a former debutante turned criminal mastermind.

Bones reveals the sex of Brennan and Booth’s baby

They’re going to have a …

TBS’ America’s Next Weatherman will make you question whether it’s real or not

Premiering Saturday, the Funny or Die reality show wants to be like Will Ferrell’s A Deadly Adoption.

Meet Suits’ weaselly lawyer

Louis Litt is the guy everyone hates to love.