Stephen Colbert’s First ‘Late Show’ Guest will be George Clooney

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Stephen Colbert’s first Late Show guest will be George Clooney

Colbert, who has the same agent as 11:35 rival Jimmy Kimmel, will also have the same first guest as Jimmy Kimmel Live: George Clooney. This will be at least the third time Clooney has served as the first guest for a talk show. He was also the very first guest on The Rosie O’Donnell Show, in 1996.

Lovely, perfect, emotional: Jon Stewart delivered a master class on how a TV icon should say goodbye

“So much about television,” says Tim Goodman, “is about precision — everything goes just right, everybody hits their mark, the ending clicks to a close with perfection. But when you say goodbye, when you send off an icon, you need to leave a little room for emotion, for vulnerability, for something heartfelt and real to sneak in and then back out again through the lens and into the living room. Thursday night’s final goodbye to Jon Stewart as he left The Daily Show on Comedy Central was as near to perfect as something like this can get.” PLUS: The finale seemed slapdash but it had the most heartfelt moment thanks to Stephen Colbert, it was like a spontaneous block party, Jon proved to be The Boss, Stewart’s finale turned the camera on everybody else, Stewart’s BS speech was a reminder of adept his audience had become, Stewart spoofed Goodfellas in a montage of his staff, watch Stewart cry twice, Stewart and Wyatt Cenac settled their differences, MSNBC will celebrate Stewart with the special Jon Stewart Has Left the Building, and late-night hosts need to stop ending their shows with extended rock-outs.