What’s Worth Watching: #RichKids of Beverly Hills Returns

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills
Mathieu Young/E! Entertainment
Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

#RichKids of Beverly Hills, “#Textgate” (Sunday, May 24, 10/9c, E!)

There’s something wonderful about guilty pleasure television. Sometimes it makes you want to recoil from humanity, and other times you’ll want to strike back and throw something at your TV. #RichKids of Beverly Hills with do both those things, and more.

For Season 3, the reality series that spotlights the spoiled and entitled of Beverly Hills has been stretched from half an hour to a full hour of reckless money spending. Also, the Kids welcome new cast mate, 24-year-old Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff (yes, she’s the daughter of that Hasselhoff) into the mix. In tonight’s premiere, group-wide drama erupts when EJ questions bringing Jonny along to the Bahamas, a high school rivalry reignites between the newbie and Roxy, and we’ll see Brendan meet with a jeweler for Morgan’s future engagement ring.

You know you want to #hatewatch this.