President Obama Offers to Play Dominoes with Letterman in Retirement

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President Obama offers to play dominoes with Letterman in retirement
“I really like the idea of playing some dominoes with you,” the president said in his final visit with Letterman. PLUS: Check out Keegan-Michael Key’s Anger Translator rehearsal with Obama.

Gotham boss talks Season 1 finale, teases Season 2’s focus on Joker
Bruno Heller also explains why some parts were cut out from the season finale: “This world is so packed with incident and characters, it’s difficult to tell the story you want in the time frame you have. There’s an element of an overstuffed suitcase with all of these episodes, because there’s so much to get in. You have to think of that as a virtue rather than a vice, because it’s better than vamping because you don’t have enough story to play with.” PLUS: Jada Pinkett Smith and Robert Lord Taylor and Drew Powell weigh in on the season finale, and a reference guide to Monday’s episode.

Undateable‘s live episode to feature a Scrubs reunion, Kate Walsh and Dr. Drew
Scrubs stars Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn and Christa Miller will all appear on the NBC comedy produced by Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence.

Was that Bob Dylan on Mad Men, or a symbolic version of him?
Of course, the real Bob Dylan left Minnesota long before the episode’s 1970 setting, but that could’ve been a symbolic version of Dylan, as Melissa Maerz points out: “Like Don, Dylan was born in the Midwest. Like Don, he changed his name, moved out to New York, and got caught up with the West Village beatnik scene for a while. Like Don, when he found his empire crumbling, he ached to be ‘back in the world of Coca-Cola.'” PLUS: Mad Men‘s most prolific director broke a major rule for last night’s episode, and McCann Erickson has become like Breaking Bad‘s Neo-Nazis.

Prostitutes from A&E’s 8 Minutes accuse the show of lying to them
8 minutes is supposed to provide help in getting sex workers out of prostitution. But as one woman who appeared on the reality show put it, “they’re full of shit.”

Baltimore riots revealed The Wire‘s flaws — and why it’s so despised by many locals
The HBO series is “NWA for people who read The New Yorker,” says Dave Zirin, quoting a Baltimorean friend. One complaint is that The Wire portrayed the cops as “almost comically kind” while ignoring police brutality allegations. “This is humbling to admit,” says Zirin, “but this experience has made me reassess my favorite show, as if a very dim light bulb was being switched on above my head. I am now seeing what the The Wire was missing, despite its much lauded, painstaking verisimilitude: the voices of people organizing together for change. Everyone on The Wire seeks individual solutions for social problems: the lone cop, the lone criminal, the lone teacher, the lone newspaper reporter.” PLUS: The Wire‘s Sonja Sohn pens an NY Times Op-Ed on how Baltimore taught her about hope.

Conan O’Brien is bringing his entire show to Comic-Con
Conan will become the first late-night show to spend a whole week at Comic-Con, airing episodes from San Diego from July 8-11.

A little whiskey helps Caitriona Balfe film the difficult Outlander scenes
“It’s the equivalent of having a cup of tea” in Scotland,” she says. “I have some whisky occasionally, but I never have a place to carry it! It’s always the boys with a hip flask tucked away in their costumes. I would never say a name … Sam Heughan! (Laughs.) Obviously, we don’t drink our way through our jobs. But occasionally … You just have to be careful when you go to those emotional spaces. You want to access them, and you want to take the pressure off, but sometimes it’s better to stay in focus.”

Police arrest Seth Gilliam from The Wire and The Walking Dead
The actor was taken into custody Sunday morning for DUI and marijuana possession, police say.

When is Veep going to let Amy and Dan sleep together?
Amy Brookheimer and Dan Egan “have more in common than they have in opposition,” says Madeleine Davies. “Both are cutthroat, both are ambitious, and both are terribly, terribly attractive. So why can’t they just doooooo it already?” PLUS: Sarah Sutherland talks playing the president’s daughter while also being Kiefer Sutherland’s daughter.

Season 5 is showing how far Louie has evolved in his philosophy on love
“So far,” says Lili Loofbourow, “Season 5 seems to be the story of Louie pulling back, in his relationships with women and other people, into something less manic and grabby—something closer to equality. He’s still repeating old patterns—Louie is nothing if not a brilliant theme and variations—but these are productive (as opposed to rote) re-enactments.”

The Office‘s Andy Buckley is headed to You’re The Worst
He’ll guest on the FXX comedy as Jimmy’s agent.

Last Man on Earth would’ve been smart to shift its POV to the central female friendship
When Will Forte’s Phil Miller stagnated, the show could’ve benefited by focusing on another viewpoint. PLUS: Why are post-apocalyptic shows and movies always so masculine?