Penelope Ann Miller Teases American Crime Finale and Impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger (VIDEO)

In last week’s episode of American Crime, Penelope Ann Miller’s somewhat-timid Eve finally shows a little more chutzpah as she stands up to Barb (Felicity Huffman), while both moms struggle in their own ways to cope with the attack on their children. Tonight, Eve will learn just what difficulties she faces as she helps her daughter to recover from the traumatic event she can’t even remember. The drama ends on May 14, but before that there are many more surprises left to unfold, Miller told us during a visit to TV Insider‘s New York office.

The actress also chatted about which storylines and characters to watch as the anthology series’ first season comes to a close, and has some fun quoting favorite lines from her past films, including Big Top Pee-Wee and Kindergarten Cop.

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