What’s Worth Watching: Say It To My Face! Premiere

Say It To My Face
Richard Knapp/ FYI
Say It To My Face

Say It To My Face!, “WTF is American Fusion?” (Saturday, May 9, 10/9c, FYI)

How much do people pay attention to restaurant reviews really? In FYI’s newest series, we learn that at the very least these critics have pricked the ears of the establishment’s owners and their chefs. This real life version of Jon Favreau’s film Chef (which is excellent, by the way) gives these restaurateurs the opportunity to face their online attackers head on and mend the situation.

In tonight’s premiere we meet our hosts: Chefs Andrew Gruel and Anthony Dispensa, as well as Mark Cammarano, who owns a Simi Valley restaurant bearing his surname that is on the brink of going under. Mark will face his most vicious reviewers and decide whether he will stick it out with his business as is (and risk continuous failure), or opt to adjust his restaurant to address the food and décor problems he’s been chastised for.