Harvey’s New ‘Suits’ Secretary Scrubs In

Suits - Season 5

Hold our calls!

Now that he’s sans Donna (Sarah Rafferty), it’s time for Suits’ Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht)—and fans—to accept that someone else will be running his life this season. And fast! USA has just cast Scrubs vet Aloma Wright as Gretchen Bodinksi, a legal secretary with more than two decades of experience and, we’re hearing, the kind of attitude that will hopefully help our Harvey get out of his funk ever since Donna left him for Louis (Rick Hoffman).

Of course, she may never fully replace the beloved redhead who has for so long served as Specter’s better half, but given that Harvey has hand-selected Gretchen to fill the seat outside his office, we have high hopes for this new pairing. Especially since it will be way too heartbreaking to watch Louis lose the one good thing he has going for him these days.

What do you think of the new Donna in town?