American Odyssey’s Behind-the-Scenes Injuries (VIDEO)

NBC’s new military drama American Odyssey is action-packed — which means the stars don’t always go home unscathed go unscathed. “I wish I could say no injuries. I’m the queen of ailments,” says Anna Friel, who plays Odelle Ballard, the lone survivor of a deadly attack now battling to get back to the United States. “I got a stone in my eye, an abrasion of the cornea, so I couldn’t see for two days. A purple toe. Torn ligaments in my right ankle. And oh, my shoulder had to be clicked in … I’ve got war wounds.”

Here, the cast talks about what’s in store for the show, and what they’re watching in their off time (appropriately, the list includes Homeland, The Blacklist, and conspiracy documentaries.)