What's Worth Watching: Undateable Goes to the Dogs

Damian Holbrook
Greg Gayne/NBC


Undateable, "A Stray Dog Walks Into a Bar" (Tuesday, April 14, 9/8c, NBC)

What is a sweet girl like Bridgit Mendler doing in a divey Detroit bar? Cracking us up, actually. Since joining Season 2 of NBC's relatively guy-centric sitcom, the Disney Channel vet has been serving up shots of likeable silliness as the Black Eyes bar's new and not-so-socially adept waitress, Candace. Tonight, her lack of street smarts is lessened just a tad as Brett (David Fynn, another of Undateable's underrated players) attempts to school in the fine art of fibbing so she can keep her paws on a stray puppy that turns up at the watering hole. Now, before anyone gets offended, we are not endorsing dishonest dog-acquiring practices. We're just 100% behind the idea of more Mendler on our screens, OK? So don't bite our heads off!