7 Binge-Worthy International TV Series Every Millennial Should Watch

Terrace House Aloha
The cast of 'Terrace House Aloha State'

Hi. Our name is TV Insider…and we are teen drama addicts. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

If you thought America was the only country obsessed with creating television shows for Teen Moms, Pretty Little Liars and the Young & Hungry, you thought wrong. This list highlights seven international shows that should be on your radar if you’re looking for a new young-adult series to binge-watch.

You can thank us later!

Made in Chelsea (Channel 4)
If Laguna Beach and The Hills had a baby and then moved to North London, this would be the result (seriously, Stephanie Pratt became a series regular in 2013). This reality show is the perfect mixture of backstabbing friends, cheating boyfriends and girlfriends, enviable fashion choices and lavish parties. Every season, the cast is whisked off on an exotic trip, traveling everywhere from Saint Tropez, France to Marbella, Spain, and things always get a little crazy!

Skins (Netflix)
There’s a reason the American version of this show couldn’t make it past 10 episodes: It just couldn’t live up to the x-rated standards of the original. The South West England-based series is oozing with teen spirit, diving into the intimate and dangerous decisions young adults make every day. Get your fix for gritty images of dysfunctional families, substance abuse, mental illness and much more. A few Hollywood celebrities got their start on this show, including Mad Max: Fury Road‘s Nicholas Hoult, Lion‘s Dev Patel and Money Monster‘s Jack O’Connell.

Rebelde (Netflix)
Everyone knows soap operas are the epitome of drama and when it comes to Spanish-language soap operas (also known as telenovelas), they might just hold the crown. Rebelde follows a group of Mexican teenagers and the insane events that occur at their prestigious boarding school. Did we mention the protagonist of the show balances school work, while secretly forming a successful pop band? Themes of forbidden love, crooked politicians, abusive teachers, overbearing parents and bullying are explored for your entertainment.

The Only Way is Essex (ITVBe)
If you prefer your stars with fake tans and fake boobs, then this English-based reality series is for you. Although the situations and events in the series seem stage, the hilarious one-liners the cast members deliver are completely unscripted. Diving into relationship drama is always fun when it’s not your own, so watching the ever-changing status of relationships on this show is captivating. The boys are immature and the girls are outspoken. What’s not to love?

Terrace House (Netflix)
Terrace House is basically the Japanese version of MTV’s Real World. Six strangers sign up to live in a ultra-hip house together, while forming new bonds and navigating through their various careers. The drama is subtle, which ultimately makes relating to the cast a lot easier. The hosts of the show offer commentary and analysis of the events in the house. It’s like someone is inside your head saying what you’re thinking aloud. Terrace House Aloha State was the first version of the series to take place outside of Japan.

Geordie Shore (MTV UK)
Do you miss watching Snooki get drunk on the boardwalk or seeing The Situation’s summer hookups go horribly wrong? Then you’ll love MTV’s spinoff to the Jersey Shore, Georgie Shore, which set in the United Kingdom. The cast is a group of young, blunt, North East England residents looking to get loose and take shots by the boatload. The accents might be different, but the party habits and reckless fights are eerily familiar.

Degrassi: The Next Generation & Degrassi: Next Class (Netflix)
While we’re still thanking this Canadian hit series for giving us rapper Drake and Vampire Diaries‘ Nina Dobrev, there are other reasons to get addicted to this show. The series has covered just about every topic you could think of and yet somehow keeps surprising us with new and engaging stories. Need a show where something goes wrong in every episode, then this is for you! You’ll be introduced to storylines involving abortion, sexual favors, racism, domestic violence, mental illness, eating disorders, school shootings, bullying, adoption, self-acceptance, sexuality, rape, cyber-stalking and any other topic that should be considered absolutely terrible to watch. Yet, we keep coming back for more.