Jason Mraz Gets Romantic on QVC+ and HSN+, Plus Why He Loves ‘Ted Lasso’

Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz could be “Yours” this Valentine’s Day. The singer-songwriter, whose hits include “I’m Yours” and “I won’t Give Up,” is starring in his own streaming special Jason Mraz: Beyond the Music, premiering on Friday, February 10 on QVC+ and HSN+.

This 50-plus minute show sees the Grammy winer reflect on songs featured on his album “Lalalalovesongs.” Mraz will also bring viewers to his organic farm (lovingly called the “Mranch”) and home studio where he performs songs from the hits collection.

Here Mraz gives us insight into the making of the project, what he’s watching, and what would be on his own Valentine’s Day playlist.

How did the collaboration with QVC+ and HSN+ come about?

Jason Mraz: We’ve had a relationship for a long time. We did a special with them a few years ago for an album I released called “Yes!” in 2014. We were sitting on a greatest hits album “Lalalalovesongs” that we put out last year with Warner Music. Our friends at QVC thought it would be another great album to promote. We thought, “That’s fun. Let’s explore that.” It’s not easy just to promote any album on QVC because an album has its own character. In this case, “Lalalalovesongs” is the greatest hits compiled from all my albums. That’s a better sample for a QVC and HSN audience.

Musicians and entertainers tend to have this on-to-the-next mentality. This featurette gave you the opportunity to step back and really appreciate your work and songs and what they mean to people.

That is what it did exactly. I’m always moving forward and trying to write the next song. This gave me a chance to look at a career retrospective thus far and revisit the songs that have kept us afloat or in the zeitgeist. Time is a great teller of success. Success means that the song is still being spun or played after all these years. The thing I liked about this process is looking back on 20 years of songs being put together on this playlist. That it could be done in a home studio was new to me. I do a lot of projects at home, but I don’t usually bring a camera into it. That was fun. QVC and HSN are very much about the home. Being able to film this at home, felt right, felt cozy. I don’t usually give tours of the ranch because there is not much out there except for trees. They were a great crew who worked on this. I felt like we could speak candidly and have a fun little walkabout.

Jason Mraz

QVC+ and HSN+

How big is Valentine’s Day at the ranch?

Not very big, but as a songwriter and entertainer, Valentine’s Day has been as big as the wintertime holidays because love is the gift you give. Your time to someone is what you give. The recognition of how some people in your life really touch your heart. To spend time acknowledging them and thanking them for being in your life. That’s a big deal around Valentine’s Day. We always want to practice gratitude. Valentine’s Day gives us the chance to do that.

Do you have a go-to Valentine’s Day gift?

Most of my gifts do come in the form of a song. If I want to make a valentine for someone, I make a song. I send them music. I send them musical poetry. I feel like they stand out from your typical pink envelope. I want to reach someone uniquely. I don’t know how many people will receive a song on Valentine’s Day that is customized for them. That’s what I like to do.

Who would be on your own Valentine’s Day playlist?

Number one for me is Michael Franks and his album “The Art of Tea.” I listen to Luther Vandross. I’ll also keep it acoustic with Jackson Browne or James Taylor. Willie Nelson’s “Stardust” is a smooth album.

Where are some out there settings you’ve been told your music is played?

I’ve heard it far and wide. I’ve heard it from people backpacking Thailand and coming to a small remote village and someone is playing the guitar and singing “I’m Yours.” I’ve had the pleasure of visiting NASA and talking to astronauts out in space. They said they listen to our music. I met President Barack Obama. Before I could say anything he said, “Mr. Mraz, Michelle, and I listen to your music every morning.” That stopped me in my tracks to know a president might put [my music] on his playlist before he leads the free world. I’ve played my music in Antarctica even aboard the National Geographic Explorer for scientists down there. I’m just amazed, but that’s the beauty of sounds and sound waves. Even published works will outlive us…It makes me really aware that songs are really little messages in a bottle. You never know who they are going to reach. But they will and you never know when.

Jason Mraz QVC+ Outside


Is there a TV show that you are binge-watching these days?

I’m a big Girls5eva fan and excited about season 3, which I hear is in progress. Also, I’m very much looking forward to the next season of Ted Lasso. I definitely binged the first two seasons. I go to comedy. I definitely don’t do scary. I don’t do too much reality programming. If you can turn me on to a good comedy, you got me.

What show or genre would you like to see your songs played that hasn’t been done already?

I will say as a genre I do love is sci-fi inspirational. Not necessarily your Star Trek sci-fi, but it’s way more in a way Stranger Things. There is a little mystery and magic that touches the heart. It brings community and families together and lets them know of their own superpowers as there is a twist going on in the supernatural plot of the show. If in some distant future, my song can appear in a sci-fi inspirational show, I would be so tickled. I usually end up in some love scene. Someone is either breaking up or getting back together or dancing.

What are you most excited about this year?

There will be more tour dates announced very soon. We’ll be back on the road this summer. I’m excited to be doing that. Bringing all my friends and carrying on with both the catalog songs “Lalalalovesongs,” plus some new songs coming out this year. That really lights me up to be here 20-plus years later still going and still feeling like it’s a brand new adventure. Like we’re contest winners.

Jason Mraz: Beyond the Music, February 10, QVC+ and HSN+

The streaming service is also releasing 400 autographed CDs and vinyl for “Lalalalovesongs”