‘Frozen Planet II’: A Guide to the 3 Stunning Episodes

Frozen Planet ll

In this follow-up to 2011’s Frozen Planet, Sir David Attenborough (who else?) takes us back to regions where snow, ice, and freezing temperatures serve as essential surroundings for some of Earth’s most fascinating creatures.

The six-part series, Frozen Planet II, visits frigid poles, arid tundra, icy seas, snowy forests, and mountain peaks to meet Siberian tigers, penguins, polar bears, snow monkeys, and other hardy animals braving extreme conditions.

Frozen Planet II

(Credit: Jason Roberts/BBC America)

Attenborough thoughtfully surveys the measurable ecosystem effects of climate change, which is thawing our frozen planet at an alarming rate. Here’s a peek at the first three episodes.

“Frozen Worlds” (January 28)

Journey through remote lands to discover the incredible ways that animals have overcome the challenges of subzero survival.

“Frozen Oceans” (February 4)

Dive into a world of water and ice to visit creatures thriving in and under the Arctic Sea.

“Frozen Peaks” (February 11)

Explore ice worlds born of altitude. Mountaintops pose a range of chilly hardships for animals living on them!

Frozen Planet II, Premieres Saturday, January 28, 8/7c, BBC America and AMC+