Pluto TV: Everything You Need to Know About the Free Streamer

“There’s nothing good on to watch.” If anyone ever says that to you, they must be from another planet, because Pluto TV has nothing but good stuff to watch, whenever and, as important, wherever you wish.

This streaming platform is available on your smart TV. Your phone. Your tablet. Your desktop computer. You name it: If it has a screen, Pluto TV can stream. (Perhaps the one exception is at the gas pumps. But give ’em time!) Here’s an inside look at the nostalgia-embracing service with a style.


Mark Harmon - 'NCIS'

NCIS (Credit: CBS)

What Is It?

Unlike some other streamers, Pluto TV is a completely free ad-supported service that doesn’t require you to register, enter a credit card or promise your firstborn. You simply need to watch a few ads during each program. For example, a half-hour sitcom such asLaverne & Shirley would have a few short commercial breaks.

What Do They offer?

The good folks at Pluto TV have streamlined the streaming idea by creating channels showcasing specific genres. Categories include Comedy, Game Shows, Reality, Home, Food, Kids, Local News, and En Español, and within each one of those, you’ll find multiple channels catering to varied tastes. Procedural fans can fill up on JAG and NCIS on the Crime Drama channel, while the Classic TV Comedy channel allows viewers to relive the 1960s fare of Petticoat Junction and the ’80s age of Designing Women.

Nichelle Nichols - 'Star Trek'

Star Trek (Credit: Everett Collection)

Is It Just TV Shows?

Think of Pluto TV as your old-fashioned general store for entertainment. In addition to its massive programming library, the service’s options include the Sports category, with access to classics and updates on the NFL Channel, Fox Sports, CBS Sports HQ, Major League Soccer, and more. Gaming + Anime is where you can find hours of Fortnite and Roblox gameplay, as well as channels dedicated to anime sensations One Piece and Naruto. And the Music category delivers over 15 channels including Yo! MTV and a slew of Vevo music-video options. So you never have an excuse for not playing Mariah Carey.

How Do I Get It?

Pluto TV is available on multiple platforms and on many Amazon Fire TVs and Vizio and Samsung smart TVs. It can be loaded as an app on Roku streaming devices too. Hit the power button, connect to your home internet provider, and boom! Star Trek at your fingertips! To watch on mobile devices, download Pluto TV from the Apple App Store or, for Android users, the Google Play store. If you want it on your desktop, it’s free to download on the Microsoft App site. And gamers can download the app onto their PlayStation and Xbox consoles.