‘Partner Track’ Canceled at Netflix After Big Finale Cliffhanger

Partner Track
Vanessa Clifton/Netflix

Netflix has canceled Partner Track after one season, adding to the sadly large pile of shows the streamer has axed after just one go. The cancellation news comes after the legal drama ended on a big cliffhanger for its leading lady, Arden Cho‘s Ingrid Yun, one of the few Asian women leading a TV series at a major streamer.

The romantic drama tracked Ingrid, an idealistic lawyer struggling with her moral compass as she fights to climb the partner track at the upscale New York City law firm of Parsons Valentine & Hunt. Ingrid and her legal pals, Rachel Friedman (Alexandra Turshen) and Tyler Robinson (Bradley Gibson), were the core of the series. After the series dropped its 10-episode debut season on August 26, the trio of friends became beloved by viewers.

Nolan Gerard Funk as Dan Fallon, Dominic Sherwood as Jeff Murphy, Arden Cho as Ingrid Yun in 'Partner Track'

“I feel like we’re forming one of those iconic television friendships,” Gibson told TV Insider in a September interview about the series. “The energies are different because we have an Asian woman, we have a white Jewish woman, we have a black queer man. That’s a different trio. That’s a different dynamic. And there’s a lot of things we can play with; we have so many stories to tell. And I think we’re also giving people an opportunity to feel seen. That friendship group is really allowing people to see themselves in a way that they haven’t seen themselves on television.”

Unfortunately, fans won’t get to see that friendship form deeper bonds. In a double elimination, The Imperfects has also gotten the chop after just one season at Netflix, per Deadline.

What stings about Partner Track‘s cancellation is that Season 1 ended on a big cliffhanger, which typically indicates a network or streamer’s confidence in the show’s continuation. Ingrid cheated on her boyfriend, Nick, in Season 1 with fellow lawyer Jeff Murphy. In the final seconds of the finale, Ingrid discovered Jeff betrayed her in order to steal her job.

Without a Season 2 locked in, the series took a risk by ending on a cliffhanger. But that is a way to push a streamer’s hand, especially if fans rally behind the series enough. Unfortunately, it appears the bet didn’t pay off.

Cho will remain at Netflix to appear in the Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action series, in which she’ll play June.

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