‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ Cast Teases Dragons & Epic Season 2 Adventures (VIDEO)

Prepare for more danger, more daggers, more cursed doors, and a lot of dragons when The Legend of Vox Machina returns for its second season in January 2023.

Cast members Laura Bailey (Vex’ahlia “Vex” Vessar), Liam O’Brien (Vax’ildan “Vax” Vessar), Sam Riegel (Scanlan Shorthalt), Marisha Ray (Keyleth), Taliesin Jaffe (Percival “Percy” Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III), Travis Willingham (Grog Strongjaw), Ashley Johnson (Pike Trickfoot) and Matthew Mercer joined TV Insider in our New York Comic Con studio last month to tease what fans can look forward to in the highly anticipated upcoming season. And they were also a little taken aback when we brought up the fact that the last time they visited NYCC in 2018, it was pre-the Kickstarter that would result in their television show.

“I think we were all just doing the math and going ‘oh my gosh, a lot has happened in the last few years!'” Riegel said. “It’s so great to promote the show that the fans made happen and to promote the second season of it.”

Fans of the group’s main Critical Role campaign that the show is based on are familiar with the fact that Season 2 will deal with a story arc known as the Chroma Conclave — for the “uninitiated” that means dragons, and lots of them (something that was teased at the end of Season 1.)

“Naturally following the progression of how the story played out in the campaign as we played it, we wanted to make sure that the story beats met the arc of an actual short-form narrative,” Mercer said of the decision to craft Season 2’s story based on this particular plotline. “And the Chroma Conclave arc was just the next big real, intense moment with the jaw-dropping danger and thread that pushed the characters to their next era of finding their heroism and their challenges.”

The cast also teased where their character find themselves in Season 2, even if they couldn’t reveal much for the sake of spoilers. Bailey shared that Vex is learning to let down her walls a little bit and become less guarded, while Ray hinted that Keyleth is continuing her journey towards self-confidence — or, as she put it, “she becomes a little more of a boss bitch.”

“We spent Season 1 having the heroes become a cohesive working adventuring family party and Season 2, they sort of get some rocks thrown in their faces and need to figure out new dynamics,” O’Brien said.

Watch the video interview above for more details and more about the second season of the hit series.

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