‘Pawn Stars Do America’ Star Teases Spinoff’s Shockingly Cool Cross-Country Finds

Rick Harrison in Pawn Stars Do America
History Channel

“Let’s go have a ball all over the country!” was self-described “super nerd” Rick Harrison’s reaction when History proposed a road trip spinoff of Pawn Stars, the hit about his family-owned Las Vegas business.

Along for the ride in Pawn Stars Do America, premiering tonight, November 9, are familiar faces from the show, his son Corey and Corey’s childhood pal Austin “Chumlee” Russell, both World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop employees and practical jokers.

In eight different cities (like Valley Forge, Pennsylvania), the formula is the same: Set up shop and haggle.

In tonight’s Pawn Stars Do America, sellers pack a Denver event space (150 to 300 people typically show up in what Harrison calls “semi-organized chaos”), where historical experts help the pawn pros vet objects from a Roman cauldron handle to JFK signatures and determine worth. Plus, Corey and Chumlee visit a literal gold mine — each two-hour episode features a local field trip.

“It’s shocking some of the things people show up with that are so cool,” Harrison enthuses, citing Val Kilmer’s dress uniform from Top Gun and a letter signed by George Washington. He even kept a 1941 Plymouth pickup truck for himself, breaking his own rule for winning the deal-making game: “Don’t fall in love.”

What other historical finds and impressive collectible objects will the Pawn Stars Do America gang uncover this season? History teases that the crew will “acquire some of the most remarkable items imaginable.” If nothing else, their cross-country travels will allow them to connect with avid Pawn Star fans nationwide.

Pawn Stars Do America, Series Premiere Wednesday, November 9, 8/7c, History Channel, Stream Next Day