2022 Emmys: Mariska Hargitay & Christopher Meloni Tease Fans With Almost Kiss (VIDEO)

Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni at 2022 Emmys
Chris Haston/NBC

Mariska Hargitay (Captain Olivia Benson) and Christopher Meloni (Detective Elliot Stabler) once were onscreen partners, have teamed up for SVU and Organized Crime crossovers (which will continue), and took to the 2022 Emmys stage together to present Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

But first, to introduce them, someone stole an Emmy. “Oh, come on,” Meloni groaned. “Do we ever get a night off?” Hargitay asked. “I’ll take your lipstick,” he said, but “No time,” she told him as they quickly got up from their table. After catching the thief, Meloni took the Emmy. “That is pretty cool,” he said, looking at it. “I’m good,” Hargitay told him. (She won an Emmy in 2006 for playing Olivia Benson on SVU.)

“Well, Mariska, we did it,” Meloni said. “Again,” they both added. Then they leaned in for a kiss, teasing fans who have wanted Benson and Stabler to get together… only to pull back and Meloni to introduce the nominees for Lead Actor in a Comedy. Watch it above.

On the E! red carpet before the Emmys, when asked if they ever get tired of working together, “Never,” Hargitay said. “I love him and I’ve never gotten sick of him.” What she and Meloni would not answer is whether their characters will ever get together.

But it sounds like there’s plenty of time. SVU may now be in its 24th season, but Hargitay, who has been on it since the beginning, doesn’t seem ready to say goodbye anytime soon. As she sees it, she’ll keep doing the show “as long as I’m engaged in telling these kinds of stories. I’m loving it.” Watch that video interview below.