2022 Emmys Stages Way Too Short ‘Kenan & Kel’ Reunion (VIDEO)

Kenan Thompson and Kumail Nanjiani at Emmys
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Kenan & Kel celebrated its 26th anniversary in August, and so when better for a mini reunion? With Kenan Thompson hosting the 2022 Emmys, we got just that. But, hey, it could have been longer.

It all started with Thompson heading over to the bar, where Kumail Nanjiani was “acting as honorary bartender” and panicking just a bit because he doesn’t know how to make any drinks (or do the Tom Cruise move). Then we got a cameo from Jason Sudeikis (SNL reunion with Thompson!) and Nanjiani offered him bottle service instead of the three mojitos he ordered. And rather than leave a tip, Sudeikis took the only one out of the jar.

What Did You Think of Kenan Thompson's Emmy Opening?See Also

What Did You Think of Kenan Thompson's Emmy Opening?

Plus, what did you think of the opening?

But what had us especially excited is what came after that: the Kenan & Kel reunion. Thompson suggested that Nanjiani take someone else’s order at the bar, and that person turned out to be Kel Mitchell! “Can we get you a drink or something?” Thompson asked, but “You know what? Can I get a Good Burger?” Mitchell asked, and the two hugged in excitement. Watch it below. (Our only complaint? It wasn’t longer!)

When it comes to the staying power of Kenan & Kel and All That, which are now streaming, it comes down to “the writing involved, and also you really see the team effort we had as far as Nickelodeon,” Mitchell previously told TV Insider. “It’s always a blessing when you get a cast that works together like a well-oiled machine. And it just, it feels great when you’re watching it. … I think that is what is the core of it is if you want to reach someone’s heart when you’re writing the story. And even though it’s goofy and things like that, we always have reached to the heart within the story.”