‘Married at First Sight’: Krysten Opens Up About Her Past in First Look (VIDEO)

The couples of Married at First Sight Season 15 are delving into day-to-day life together and that means uncovering pieces of their spouse’s pasts.

In an exclusive first look from the latest episode, “Party Ways,” Krysten is getting honest with her husband Mitch about her dating past. Sitting down for the conversation in the sneak peek, above, Krysten addresses Mitch honestly, prefacing the discussion with an acknowledgment of what she’s already shared with him previously.

Married at First Sight Season 15 Mitch

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“I have a relationship history that I have not shared with you and in the past, it has not been very well received,” Krysten admits in the clip, above. “So, you know how I mentioned to you that I have an ex-boyfriend and that he and I dated for six years?” she asks, before adding, “He was actually my fiance.”

The revelation leaves Mitch speechless as he gathers his thoughts on the manner. “Hmm,” he says thoughtfully, as Krysten continues to open up about her history. “We were engaged for about a year, and he started to act a little differently six months prior to our wedding,” she adds, making it clear something went wrong.

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'MAFS' First Look: Krysten Tells Girls About Mitch's Mixed Signals

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For fans who have been watching since the beginning of the season, they’ll recall that Krysten’s prior engagement came to an end due to infidelity on her fiance’s part. “About two weeks before our wedding, this girl told me that she and my fiance had been having an affair for the last six months,” Krysten explains to Mitch.

His shock at that is audible as he lets out a “Whoa!” To see Mitch’s full reaction and hear Krysten’s story, check out the clip, above, and don’t miss Married at First Sight when it airs on Lifetime.

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