First Look: ‘Resident Alien’ Returns With More Messiness for the Folks of Patience (VIDEO)

It’s been a long four months since Resident Alien left us with its midseason cliffhanger but the wait is almost over!

The big-hearted, demented Syfy dramedy resumes its perfectly hilarious second season on August 10, and according to showrunner Chris Sheridan, the action is picking up with the gunsmoke barely cleared from Asta (Sara Tomko) shooting that guy from New York who wanted to kill Harry (Alan Tudyk). And as you can see from this exclusive first-look trailer, they have a lot more to handle.

“We’re going right into it. There’s too much going on,” Sheridan says, noting that it’s not just the matter of Asta and Harry explaining away a dead man to witness D’arcy (Alice Wetterlund), or even how they dispose of him. There’s also a rogue baby alien on the loose, an assassin from another planet hunting folks, and the fact that Deputy Liv (Elizabeth Bowen) has recalled her own E.T. experiences. Plus, there’s a plan to turn the town into a resort that has hot Mayor Ben (Levi Fiehler) feeling even more heat. Oh, and Harry seems to be getting more human as time goes by. Not humane, mind you. Just human.

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Oh Baby! 'Resident Alien' EP Chris Sheridan Breaks Down the Midseason Finale

Also: How did the cast handle a week-long party shoot?

“All these balls are in the air right now and you have to start answering some questions,” offers Sheridan. “And the characters in a really great place in terms of conflict to play out in a way that’s full of tension… but also a lot of comedy.”

Resident Alien, Midseason Premiere, Wednesday, August 10, 9/8c, Syfy