Tisha Campbell on Reuniting With the ‘Martin’ Cast After 25 Years: ‘It Was Magical’ (VIDEO)

Wassup, wassup, wassup! It’s been almost 30 years since the sitcom Martin debuted on Fox in August 1992, and 25 years since it said farewell in the May 1997 series finale. Martin: The Reunion, a revealing 90-minute special on BET+, reunites the original cast — Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold, and Carl Anthony Payne II — on the series’ living room set to laugh and reminisce.

“It was magical. It felt like somebody was going to hand us a script and we were going to start working. We had so much fun,” says Campbell who played Gina, the sensible girlfriend-then-wife of deejay Martin Payne (Lawrence).

Just one of the many funny behind-the-scenes secrets that come out in the special, was a performance choice Campbell made in Season 1 (but later dropped). Gina was supposed to be “the perfect girlfriend” and the actress says she didn’t think her Newark accent was right for that — so she imitated the soft-spoken Janet Jackson.

“Whenever it comes up I cover my eyes or my ears!” Campbell says with a laugh.

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Each actor gets a moment in the spotlight, with hilarious clip reels devoted to their characters’ big moments. They also pay an emotional tribute to the late Tommy Ford (who played Lawrence’s close friend). Celebrity guests drop by, and there are musical performances from the likes of Brian McKnight and Snoop Dogg. Host Affion Crockett keeps it all flowing.

Campbell says it is “humbling” that Martin continues to gain fans and remain a part of our culture. She tells us many people still associate her with her iconic character. Says the actress, “My son calls me Gina!”

Martin: The Reunion, Premiere, Thursday, June 16, BET+
Stream Martin Seasons 1-5, HBO Max