‘Transplant’ Sneak Peek: Can June Help Bash Solve a Medical Mystery? (VIDEO)

Dr. Bashir “Bash” Hamed (Hamza Haq) needs some help to figure out a way to help his newest patients, especially since one of the things he could really use — lab results — isn’t an option in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek from the June 4 episode of Transplant. (The medical drama has moved to a new time slot, Saturdays at 8/7c, on NBC.)

“Anyone have time for a differential?” Bash asks as Dr. Theo Hunter (Jim Watson) walks into the lounge. The other man is out, needing to shower since “the rental guys demolished the kitchen in my new place. Still haven’t hooked up the water.” But Dr. June Curtis (Ayisha Issa) offers to lend an ear.

Hamza Haq as Dr. Bashir “Bash” Hamed in Transplant

Yan Turcotte/Sphere Media/CTV/NBC

Bash has four people from the same neighborhood experiencing the same symptoms for a month: fever, cramping, weight loss, and joint pain. None of them have traveled. June suggests Lyme disease, but “four tick bites seems unlikely,” he says. Plus, “they barely know each other.”

There’s not enough to go on, and June assumes that the lab is backed up, so they can’t rely on test results. That’s when Bash tells her the rest: “They aren’t near one. They’re in a village in the outskirts of Aleppo.” Watch the clip above for more about this medical mystery, as well as another possible diagnosis — and comment about how Bash is making everyone else look — from June.

Also in “Between,” Dr. Magalie “Mags” Leblanc (Laurence Leboeuf) is flooded by memories of her own health struggles as a child while fighting to save a baby with a heart defect. Plus, June’s personal and professional lives collide.

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