MeTV Sets ‘Summer of Me’ Programming Event — See the Full Schedule

The Summer of Me on MeTV

Summer is just around the corner and MeTV is celebrating with a special slate of programming celebrating the carefree time with its annual “Summer of Me” event.

The schedule officially kicks off on Sunday, May 29, when The A-Team joins the network with a special marathon of favorite episodes. The A-Team will eventually take over its regular weeknight spot starting on May 30 at 6pm ET/PT. Meanwhile, on June 5, MeTV will debut a weekly Sunday afternoon rotating block of comedy known as “The Summer of Me Sunday Block Party.”

And fans of the network can also look forward to new episodes of Collector’s Call which will air Sundays at 6:30pm ET/PT along with MeTV’s weekday morning show Toon In With Me which celebrates Bugs Bunny the week of July 25-29 beginning at 7am ET/PT.

The A-Team cast

(Credit: Courtesy of MeTV)

Each Sunday from 12pm ET/PT to 5pm ET/PT beginning June 5 through September 4, MeTV’s “The Summer of Me Sunday Block Party” is a five-hour block of comedy that will highlight a special grouping of 14 different classic series each weekend. The “Sunday Block Party” will include “best of” episodes from Leave It to Beaver, I Love Lucy, Gidget, The Flying Nun, and The Monkees among other titles. The block of episodes will lead into an hour of Full House airing at 5pm ET/PT every Sunday.

As for MeTV’s original series Collector’s Call hosted by Lisa Welchel, viewers can look forward to collections highlighting memorabilia for Looney Tunes, GI Joe, Star Trek, and Paddington Bear among others. For the full schedule, check out where to watch at Below, get a peek at the “Summer of Me” lineup on MeTV.

“The Summer of Me” Lineup

Sunday, May 29th

The A-Team Marathon

12p ET/PT: The A-Team, “The Bend in The River (Pt 1)”

1p ET/PT: The A-Team, “The Bend in The River (Pt 2)”

2p ET/PT: The A-Team, “Judgment Day (Pt 1)”

3p ET/PT: The A-Team, “Judgment Day (Pt 2)”

4p ET/PT: The A-Team, “Wheel of Fortune”

Sunday, June 5th

The Summer of Me Sunday Block Party

The Summer of Me Sunday Block Party Complete Series List: Leave It to Beaver, The Beverly Hillbillies, I Love Lucy, Gidget, The Flying Nun, The Monkees, The Flintstones, Laverne & Shirley, The Brady Bunch, Cheers, Green Acres, Gilligan’s Island, Full House, Bugs Bunny

The below reflects the schedule for Sunday, June 5. New series and a new lineup will debut every Sunday this summer.

12p ET/PT: The Beverly Hillbillies “The Clampetts Strike Oil”

12:30p ET/PT: The Beverly Hillbillies “Getting Settled”

1:00p ET/PT: The Beverly Hillbillies “The Clampetts in Court”

1:30p ET/PT: The Beverly Hillbillies “Jethro’s Friend”

2:00p ET/PT: The Beverly Hillbillies “The Giant Jackrabbit”

2:30p ET/PT: The Beverly Hillbillies “Jed Becomes a Banker”

3:00p ET/PT: The Beverly Hillbillies “The Family Tree”

3:30p ET/PT: The Beverly Hillbillies “Granny Versus the Weather Bureau”

4:00p ET/PT: The Beverly Hillbillies “The Clampetts and the Dodgers”

4:30p ET/PT: The Beverly Hillbillies “The Clampetts Entertain”

5:00p and 5:30p ET/PT: Full House

6:00p ET/PT: The Andy Griffith Show “Lawman Barney”

6:30p ET/PT: Collector’s Call “Allen Singleton – G.I. Joe”


7:00a ET/PT: Toon In With Me “Bugs Bunny Birthday Week” (July 25-29)

6:00p ET/PT: The A-Team “Mexican Slayride Pt 1” (May 30), “Mexican Slayride Pt 2” (May 31), “Children of Jamestown” (June 1), “Pros & Cons” (June 2), “A Small and Deadly War” (June 3)