Oscars 2022: Regina Hall & Wanda Sykes Preview the Ceremony’s Hosting Format

Oscars Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes

The 94th Academy Awards are just days away and gearing up to make history as the show’s first trio of female emcees are Regina Hall, Wanda Sykes, and Amy Schumer.

The comedic women all bring a special flare to the table, making us wonder, what exactly will the hosting duties look like on Oscars night? TV Insider caught up with Hall and Sykes at the ceremony’s pre-show press conference (Amy Schumer didn’t attend) where they painted a picture of laughs and unity ahead.

“All three of us have different sensibilities, I guess,” Wanda Sykes says. “But we will open the show together.” With their own unique approaches, the women and creatives involved in the press preview revealed they’d all get their individual moments to shine.

The Oscars 2022, Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes, Regina Hall

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But you’ll also see them “united” as Hall says. It’s a definite team effort “and then you’ll see different variations of hosts,” Sykes added. “It might be one of us. It might two of us, we all might be drunk. So it might be nobody,” she joked.

Hall echoed Sykes, adding, “Yeah, well that’s a definite” of being drunk. Their mellow attitude reassures as Sykes continues, “it’s going to be a fun night and we all get our moment together and we get our [solo] moments.”

“And we still stay true to what we’re celebrating,” Hall follows up. The theme for this year’s Oscars is “Movie Lovers Unite.” And in the process of collaborating for the event, Hall says, “What’s a lot of fun is coming up with our stuff together… or just even listening to what the one person is doing alone.”

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“It’s fun for me to hear what Wanda’s doing, what Amy’s doing. We think it’s funny, so we know [there]’s going to be three people that night laughing,” Hall says. And we’re sure there will be many more laughing from home.

Catch Hall, Sykes, and Schumer when they take to the stage on Sunday for the big event.

94th Academy Awards, Sunday, March 27, 8/7c, ABC