‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Canceled? ‘Bachelor’ Boss Tweets (and Deletes) Response

Mike Fleiss Bachelor In Paradise
J Carter Rinaldi/FilmMagic/ABC

The Bachelor has ended, the new Bachelorettes have been revealed (and yes, there are two of them), but Bachelor In Paradise? Crickets. With no confirmation of Bachelor In Paradise Season 8, Bachelor Nation is fearful the series has been canceled. But Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss tweeted, and then deleted, a response to the speculation, and it could ease fans’ fears.

Bachelor In Paradise is one of ABC’s staple summer programs. The spinoff has grown in popularity since debuting in 2014, with many fans preferring it over the OG Bachelor and Bachelorette. The seasons usually air between the flagship shows in the spring and fall.

But The Bachelorette Season 19’s premiere date was pushed back to July 11, making viewers wonder if ABC is trying to make up for a Bachelor In Paradise absence. After a fan tweeted their concern about the show being canceled, The Bachelor creator chimed in with a strong statement.

Mike Fleiss Tweet Bachelor In Paradise


“Canceled???” he said. “No f***ing way!!! #BachelorInParadise forever!”

The tweet has since been deleted, but not before fans saw it. And his actions are prompting even more intrigue and confusion.

“Someone please tell me why Mike Fleiss quote tweeted this and then DELETED IT?!?!?” one user tweeted.

The Bachelorette Season 19 will star both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia, who were finalists in Clayton Echard’s dramatic season of The Bachelor. Following the announcement of their joint season, fans expressed concern over the fate of Bachelor In Paradise.

“Wow July 11 is a month later than normal. Does this mean Bachelor in Paradise is pushed later?” one fan tweeted.

“Am I glad that the next season isn’t immediately after this one? YES. Do I want The Bachelorette to replace Bachelor in Paradise this summer? ABSOLUTELY NOT,” said another.

Fleiss’ tweet implies Bachelor In Paradise will be coming back, but only time will tell what deleting that tweet actually means for the franchise.

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