‘Station 19’ & ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Crossover Promo: Will Owen Survive? (VIDEO)

Station 19 & Grey's Anatomy Crossover

It looks like some drama is about to hit the Seattle Fire Department — but first, the first responders of Station 19 have a doctor of Grey’s Anatomy to rescue when the two shows return with a winter premiere crossover event on February 24.

It all kicks off on Station 19, as we meet Seattle’s first female fire chief, Ross (Merle Dandridge), who has a past with Robert Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe). Are they exes? What we do know is it’s apparently been 15 years since they last saw each other. Cue jealousy from Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz)?

But the majority of that will probably have to wait until after the crossover, considering that Grey’s Anatomy left Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) in a car going over a ridge in its winter finale in December. Dr. Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood), whom Owen had forced to climb out, could only watch, while Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) was trying to get a donor heart to the hospital — for the son of Owen’s sister, Dr. Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer).

Once on scene, Ben Warren (Jason George) is determined to save his friend, but as Maya Bishop (Danielle Savre) warns, “Take it slow. Slip just right, and we’ll have more injuries.” Is the person with no pulse they pull up Owen or the driver?

Back at the hospital, Hayes tells Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) there was an accident, while Teddy recalls, “He got me out first, and I heard the car fall.” And what will Hayes tell Teddy in response to her “What happened in that car? What are you not telling me?”

Plus, there will be time for some drama between Dr. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) and Dr. Atticus “Link” Lincoln (Chris Carmack) after he saw her kissing Dr. Kai Bartley (E.R. Fightmaster). “You just moved on,” Link tells her. “Because you saw me kissing someone else?” Amelia asks.

Watch the promo below for more. Will Owen survive?

Station 19Grey’s Anatomy, Winter Premiere Crossover, Thursday, February 24, 8/7c, ABC