‘And Just Like That…’: How Carrie’s Fashion Expresses Her Emotional Journey (PHOTOS)

Sarah Jessica Parker in And Just Like That
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the first two episodes of And Just Like That…]

In just two 45-minute episodes, And Just Like That… has already managed to shatter our hearts. The new series, a continuation of Sex and the City, is already showcasing growth within Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her crew. Carrie faces the utmost amount of grief just as she is attempting to navigate her career in a technology-driven, post-pandemic world.

Although her emotions are running high, the New York City icon already has defined fashionable outfit staples that will grace fashion articles for years to come. Carrie’s style ebbs and flows with what is happening in her life, just as it did in the original series. From necklaces and unique hats to iconic shoes and classy silhouettes, Carrie expresses every ounce of who she is through her style.

Out-and-About Accessorizing

Sex and the City, And Just Like That Lunch

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Carrie has been a fashion icon since 1998, inspiring excessive accessorizing and bold footwear. Her funky style pulled from trends of the times — and went a step further, incorporating creative and innovative details that earned her a place amongst the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar through the decades.

Our first look at the now trio’s life in the 2020s is, of course, a lunch date. What would the SATC franchise be without Carrie, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte’s (Kristin Davis) mid-afternoon gossip sessions over salads and French fries?

The gal pals open the reboot with a quick bite in a classy-yet-casual Midtown restaurant. The energy is nostalgic, despite Carrie’s rush to leave to record a podcast. Her working-woman energy is matched with a silky blazer adorned with metallic chrysanthemums, a feathered hat, and not one, but two cross-body purses. Although neutral in the color palette, Carrie expresses her rambunctious, yet professional NYC lifestyle, through confident accessory choices.

This excitable detail work is nothing new: Carrie rocked a bright teal bandana, personalized hoops donning her name, and eye-catching pink and orange hues on her Chanel blouse for a lunch break chat with the girls at a hip new cafeteria-style restaurant in the original series. Carrie’s outfits radiate her bustling and confident energy that shines through as she struts the streets of NYC in both the original series and the reboot.

Carrie sports sparkly diamond gloves to protect her hands from germs


And Just Like That… places a clear post-pandemic lens on Carrie’s new endeavors, something that is obviously unique to the revival. As she heads down the elevators after recording a podcast, she slips on bejeweled diamond gloves before pressing the button. Even Carrie’s COVID precautions come with the utmost of style. Considering the fashionista’s shoe collection, we can’t even imagine what her face mask collection would have looked like!

Sex and the City, And Just Like That Jewelry


Discussing Carrie’s accessories requires a look at her jewelry choices. We all remember her personalized Carrie necklace, which inspired so many young people to find a loopy cursive name necklace of their own. Although we don’t see this youthful piece on Carrie in the revival, we do spot a little gold charm necklace in the shape of New York state. As this necklace rests on Carrie’s chest (occasionally paired with other chains), we remember all her NYC-centric antics and accomplishments.

The Memory-Filled Manolos

Sex and the City, And Just Like That Shoes


Any SATC fan knows that Carrie Bradshaw and Manolo Blahnik belong in the same sentence. The gorgeous designer heels are her babies, and they hold significance from her early years as an up-and-coming writer to her life with Mr. Big (Chris Noth) in their classy apartment.

But in And Just Like That…, the stunning royal blue Manolos hold more significance than ever before. In Sex and the City: The Movie, Mr. Big seals the deal for his and Carrie’s re-do wedding by slipping on the heels Cinderella-style. The Manolos are deemed the “wedding shoes.” In HBO Max’s revival, something compels Carrie to pull out the Manolos that represent the entirety of her and Mr. Big’s marriage.

Carrie shows Mr. Big her Wedding Manolos in And Just Like That...


Carrie steps out to show off her special choice of shoes before heading to Charlotte’s daughter’s piano recital. She pairs the heels with cropped, wide-leg pants, an asymmetrical button up shirt, and a cream blazer with a large floral detail on the shoulder in the same blue hue as the Manolos. Little does she know this would be her last conversation with her husband.

Later, Carrie arrives home and discovers that Mr. Big has had a heart attack. The Manolos slip off her feet into the shower as she grasps her husband in her arms. Although shoes have always had a significance in Carrie Bradshaw’s life throughout the entire original series, the inclusion of the blue wedding Manolos in Carrie’s evening outfit represents the flood of memories with Mr. Big that will soon consume Carrie, and perhaps the entire revival.

Carrie’s Mourning Outfits

Carrie in her funeral planning outfit in And Just Like That...

Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

After Mr. Big’s tragic passing, Carrie’s outfit choices shift entirely. Her accessorizing becomes minimalistic and her clothing’s color palettes avoid any bold or neon colors. However, while searching for a funeral home, Carrie does break tradition of wearing black as a widow and instead dons a white knee-length dress with subtle golden pinstripes and a long baby pink lightweight trench coat. Although lighter in color palette, Carrie shows her sadness through the lack of accessories. She carries a simple black tote bag and wears only her New York necklace. Her hair’s in a neat low ponytail, revealing small stud earrings. The iconic Carrie accessorizing game is downplayed as she mourns the death of her husband.

And Just Like That Funeral

Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Carrie’s funeral outfit is thus far one of the most memorable looks from the new series. Although suffering inside, the fashion icon maintains grace with a classic dress silhouette, a sophisticated hat, a simple strand of pearls, and a pearl-studded clutch. The dress’ skirt features a soft paisley pattern, balanced with the bodice’s utter simplicity. Her shoes tie together the white underlay of the skirt and the white clutch. Stanford (Willie Garson) even makes a comment about the outfit’s power and Carrie’s fashionable grace, referencing Jackie Kennedy.

In the days after the funeral, Carrie’s best friends spend every second with her to ensure that she is doing as well as she can be. She wears cozy sweaters and sweatsuits — her long teal cardigan on top of a stylish yet comfy light gray pajama romper — as she lay restless in bed. She again wears only her New York necklace. As she faces the long journey of recovery with her friends by her side, we wonder what the trajectory of her outfits will look like.

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