‘Tough as Nails’ Finale Sneak Peek: Jerome Has a Close Call With a Bulldozer (VIDEO)

Tough as Nails Season 3 is gearing up for its finale episode, and we have an exclusive sneak peek at the action that will unfold.

In a first look clip, Jerome and Elizabeth go up against one another in a challenge involving bulldozers and compacting gravel. As the rest of this season’s competitors look on, host Phil Keoghan notes, “Our general contractor Elizabeth is very good… but Jerome is smooth like butter. Did you see how he turned that thing? This is like an extension of his body.”

Tough as Nails Season 3 Elizabeth

(Credit: CBS)

It appears that the main challenge is to build a ramp out of gravel over which the participant will ride their vehicle. But as Jerome speeds towards the finish line, will his overconfidence turn disastrous? In the segment above, it teases a possible vehicle rollover.

As the season winds down with only four competitors left in the running for the show’s top prize of $200,000, Elizabeth and Jerome will go to any lengths in order to succeed at this challenge or any others thrown in their path.

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It is such a powerful finale,” teases Keoghan. “We have two men and two women and we have the most unbelievable finish. It is our biggest, toughest gauntlet to date and history is made! The gauntlet is a series of final challenges that combine of all the jobs they have faced on their journey on Tough As Nails which allows them to draw on their experience and life skills to survive it.”

Don’t miss the excitement when the finale airs on CBS, and in the meantime, enjoy the sneak peek, above.

Tough as Nails, Season 3 Finale, Wednesday, December 8, 8/7c, CBS