‘Married at First Sight’: The Reunion Reveals Myrla & Johnny’s Close Bond (VIDEO)

Married at First Sight Season 13 is nearly over as the participants prepare to sit down for the second half of the explosive reunion special.

In an exclusive sneak peek clip, above, new revelations about Johnny and Myrla’s deepening bond seem to hint at something more between the fellow participants. Hosted by Kevin Frazier, the reunion has already had some pretty big moments, including Michaela and Zack’s onstage confrontation, but things are getting a little tenser as the entire cast sits down together.

“Since filming ending, some of you are playing on a volleyball team together,” Kevin says, prompting the next question as he follows up with, “Can you tell us who was playing on the team and who is hanging out?”

Married at First Sight Season 13 cast reunion

(Credit: Lifetime)

Johnny chimes in to explain that during filming, some of the couples got together for a game and he enjoyed playing with Brett, Zack, and Myrla, which has since turned into a volleyball league. “So, I signed up for a team for a league,” Johnny begins to explain.

Myrla then prods him, asking what the team name was, clearly knowing it already. “Premarital Sets,” he reveals the punny name with a laugh as Myrla and some of the others join in. “Came up with that one,” Johnny adds, giving himself credit for the clever idea.

As Kevin continues to drive the conversation, he then presses for more post-show information, asking who has been hanging out or traveling together since Decision Day. Rachel shares that she and Myrla ended up in Chicago at some point, but not before Myrla went to Cancun with Johnny.

See the full explanation behind the reveal in the clip, above, and don’t every dramatic second when the Married at First Sight Season 13 reunion continues on Lifetime.

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