Is There Any Truth to Those Greg Grippo as the Next ‘Bachelor’ Rumors?

'The Bachelorette,' Katie Thurston & Greg Grippo, Greg Rumored to be Next 'Bachelor'
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While Katie Thurston’s Season 17 of The Bachelorette was full of many memorable men, a few fan favorite contestants have been batted around as candidates for the next star of The Bachelor. One of those wasn’t Katie’s former frontrunner Greg Grippo, who had previously won fans and Katie over before surprisingly leaving the season in a dramatic fashion after Hometowns, but recent conversations have put him in the mix.

During the After the Final Rose special, Greg and Katie reunited for the first time since his exit. Katie pulled no punches with Greg, accusing him of gaslighting her during their breakup and using the show as a means of jumpstarting his acting career. Greg denied this, stating, “A relationship is a two-way street, and I know you’re The Bachelorette, but I emptied my heart out to you on that couch, and all I got was a pat on the back.” Regardless of what his true intentions were, he certainly cemented himself as a Bachelor Nation standout.

'The Bachelorette,' Season 17 Fianle, Katie Thurston & Greg Grippo

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As speculation over the new Bachelor season continues, there’s been strong buzz that Greg will be the series’ newest star, all started by spoiler blogger Reality Steve on Twitter. However, eagle-eyed fans noticed that an account supposedly belonging to Greg’s uncle had replied to Steve’s tweet, shooting down the claims that Greg will be the next Bachelor. The reply stated, “You are wrong. They offered it to Greg but he declined. Yes they wanted him. It will be Andrew.”

Gregg Grippo 'The Bachelor' Rumor, Will He Be the Next Bachelor?

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Reality Steve’s predictions have been wrong in the past, meaning the uncle’s statement could be true. However, the account that tweeted the now-deleted comment has not officially been confirmed as belonging to Greg’s relative.

The choice of Andrew Spencer as the newest Bachelor would make sense, as the pro footballer’s dramatic elimination in Episode 7 set up a perfect starting point for him to continue in the Bachelor franchise. However, some of Andrew’s problematic old tweets have resurfaced since his appearance on the show, potentially affecting his Bachelor chances.

Adding fuel to the fire, Bachelor boss Mike Fleiss took to Twitter to confirm that a selection has not been made, stating, “Major announcement regarding #TheBachelor !!! No official decision has been made…Stay tuned.”

It seems that fans will simply have to wait until ABC officially announces who the next star of The Bachelor will be!

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