‘Tacoma FD’ Squad Is Back in a Blaze of Glory in Season 3 Trailer (VIDEO)

The Tacoma FD squad is back in a blaze of glory as the half-hour truTV firehouse comedy returns for its fiery third season this September.

It’s been a full year since we’ve last seen the eclectic team — led by the strict Chief Terry McConky and the fun-loving Captain Eddie Penisi (Super TroopersKevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme, also executive producers) — and it seems like they are up to even more ridiculous shenanigans in the upcoming 13-episode installment, according to the Season 3 trailer in the video above.

Firefighter Granny (Get Out‘s Marcus Henderson) rolls in with showgirls on his arms, and Terry’s daughter and fellow firefighter Lucy (Hassie Harrison) leads the gang (which also includes Gabriel Hogan and Eugene Cordero...recently spotted in Disney+’s Loki as a hilariously inefficient desk worker at the Time Variance Authority) in what seems like some primal screaming exercises. (And after the year we’ve all had, couldn’t we all use a good primal scream?)

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Viewers are also treated to a continuation of the host of bizarre emergency calls the Tacoma FD crew must respond to, including a man hit by a “truck.” (Watch, and you’ll see what we mean.)

Check out the first look at Season 3’s trailer above for more firehouse nonsense. And below, we also have an exclusive first look at the new season’s key art (which includes the full main cast from left: Harrison, Lemme, Henderson, Hogan, Heffernan, and Cordero), where Tacoma FD is “kicking ash and taking flames.”

Tacoma FD, Season 3 Premiere, Thursday, September 16, 10/9c, truTV