‘Cat People’ Aims to Prove Feline Enthusiasts Are Anything But ‘Crazy’ (VIDEO)


You wish you could be as cool as the kitty lovers profiled in Cat People. The six-part Netflix documentary from creator Glen Zipper dispels negative notions of feline enthusiasts as “crazy” or “antisocial.” Instead, the folks you meet are living their best lives thanks to their buddies with nine lives.

The series kicks off with a face you might already know: Moshow, a social media star and cat dad to five furry kids. His 2014 bathtub video featuring him freestyling while washing kitty DJ Ravioli went viral with millions of views and his social media channels continue to deliver fun cat rap content. The doc reveals more about the Portland resident’s work, life, and past and introduces his wife and all five four-legged children who you can see in this exclusive clip.

Additional creative types are profiled in the next two episodes. Cameras capture Georgia-based animal trainer Samantha Martin and her Amazing Acro-cats, a feline circus of sorts, in practice sessions and performance. Catch them on tour this summer (hitting the road in their specially kittied-out bus). You also get to see the intricate methods used to make three-dimensional cat portraits by joyful young Japanese artist, Sachi, of Wakuneco. (Her first video documenting the process quickly got 1,000,000 views!)

Next up, rescuers. Sterling “TrapKing” Davis lives in Atlanta where he helps feral cats through a method called TNR (trap, neuter, return).  “You don’t lose cool points for compassion,” Davis says. Then it’s off to the Greek Island of Syros with 25,000 inhabitants and 13,000 stray cats where Danish native Joan Bowell and her husband created God’s Little People Cat Sanctuary in 2010. “People say cat rescue is like the mafia. Once you’re in, there’s no way out,” Bowell says.

It all wraps up with the story that busts one of the biggest cat myths: a Bengal cat who loves surfing with his human dad proves that not all felines hate water. And if you can’t get enough of amazing animals and the people who love them, Season 2 of Dogs premieres the same day. Binge them all and don’t be surprised if it makes you want to adopt a pet!

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