Sneak Peek: Will Hoyt’s Death Push ‘Walker’ and Geri Apart? (VIDEO)

Even in death, Hoyt Rawlins is keeping Walker (Jared Padalecki) on his toes. Just like the good ol’ bad boy he was.

Following last week’s tragic showdown with the Rodeo Kings, which saw Walker’s buddy (Matt Barr) being fatally stabbed by Clint (Austin Nichols), Cord is clearly struggling with the loss, as well as the lingering guilt over the kiss he shared with Hoyt’s on-off-flame, Geri (Odette Annable) a few weeks back. Remember, this is a guy who buried his wife only about a year ago, so of course the grief is compounded — and let’s be honest, an emotional Jared Padalecki is the best Padalecki.

In this exclusive clip, Cord and Geri agree to take his kids on a little trip to check out the land Hoyt left behind, which should lead to some very interesting conversations. Not just about Cord’s post-tragedy decision to turn in his badge and step away from his Ranger duties, but also the family’s future in Texas… and maybe even Geri’s place in it.

Back at the station, Captain James (Coby Bell) enlists the help of Micki (Lindsey Morgan) and Trey (Jeff Pierre) to find a missing military veteran. How that results in Micki stepping into a mixed-martial arts ring, we have no idea, but the photos from the episode make it very clear that Agent Ramirez is even more kickass than we imagined.

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