‘Gangs of London’ Sneak Peek: Elliot Lands in Hot Water (VIDEO)

The first season of AMC’s crime drama Gangs of London is nearly here and an exclusive sneak peek clip is teasing plenty of drama.

Elliot (Sope Dirisu) has landed in some hot water with DCI John Harks (Garry Cooper) after a setup goes wrong, leaving a good cop in danger. On his way to meet up with DI Vicky Chung (Jing Lusi), Elliot seems surprised when he comes face to face with Harks.

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Plus, watch an exclusive sneak peek clip from the action-packed AMC series.

“Vicky’s not coming,” Harks tells him bluntly.

“Is she okay?” Elliot asks, concerned for her.

“She’s in deep s**t, but not as deep as you,” Harks answers. “You set up a good cop.”

Elliot acts as though he’s unaware of what Harks is speaking of until the DCI elaborates that Elliot and Vicky’s plan to try to free Anthony (David Avery) went sideways. The only reason Elliot hasn’t been arrested is because of the fact that Anthony is being held hostage by the Wallace family.

Gangs of London Season 1 AMC

(Credit: AMC/SKY)

Could his ties help free the man? Only time will tell as the final installment takes serious twists and turns. The logline teases that old scores will be settled, new alliances forged, and Elliot will have to make a life-defining decision.

Tune in to see what it is and catch the thrilling sneak peek clip, above for a healthy dose of action and intrigue. And fret not because Gangs of London has already been renewed for Season 2.

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