‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Canceled at Netflix, ‘Supercrooks’ Adaptation in the Works

Tyler Mane and Josh Duhamel in Jupiter's Legacy Episode 2

Jupiter’s Legacy will not be returning for a second season at Netflix, though that doesn’t necessarily mean the end for Mark Millar‘s comic universe on the small screen.

According to a statement Millar released on Wednesday, a live-action adaptation of Supercrooks is in the early stages of development at the streamer. “I’m really proud of what the team achieved with Jupiter’s Legacy and the amazing work everyone did on that origin season,” Millar wrote. “I’ve been asked a lot about what we’re planning next with this world, and the answer is to see what the super-villains are getting up to.”

Supercrooks began as a comic written by Millar with art by Leinil Francis Yu and is set within the same fictional world as Jupiter’s, except focusing on the villains rather than the heroes. “I’ve always loved crime stories from Scorsese to Tarantino and super-villains are always the most fun part of any superhero story,” Millar continued. “To do something exclusively focused on the villains they fight just feels incredibly fresh as we explore what it’s like to be a bad guy in a world crawling with good guys who want to put you in jail.”

While characters jump from the two different comics in print, it’s not yet known if characters from Season 1 of Jupiter’s will transition over to the live-action Supercrooks. In fact, the Jupiter’s star-studded cast, led by Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb and Ben Daniels, has been let out of their contracts. “Given where we’re going next, we’ve made the tough call of letting our incredible cast out of their show commitment as we continue to thoughtfully develop all realms of the Jupiter’s Legacy saga,” said Millar.

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Ben Daniels and Matt Lanter also open up about a few deleted scenes, the Walter-George rivalry, and more.

An anime adaptation of Supercrooks produced by Bones will land on Netflix first. The series will consist of 13 half-hour episodes and will have its world premiere at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival later this month. It’s not currently known how connected the Supercooks anime series will be to the live-action adaptation.

Despite the promise of new series within Millarworld, the cancelation of Jupiter’s has still come as a shock to many viewers, especially given the first season’s cliffhanger. Millar is expected to wrap up any loose ends in a new Jupiter’s Legacy comic on June 16. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from sounding off on Twitter, with a mix of positive and negative reactions to the news.