7 Times the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Squad Had Each Other's Backs (PHOTOS)

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Squad Goals

The quirky cops of Brooklyn Nine-Nine have surprisingly little in common. From Holt the stoic to Jake the jokester to Amy the obsessive to Boyle the human teddy bear, it often seems like the precinct’s personalities are held together by pure luck. But any devoted viewer will know that (most of the time) this couldn’t be farther from the truth. For all of their extreme differences, the men and women of the Nine-Nine are always looking out for each other, supporting their squad through everything from police work to personal predicaments. To prove it, here are seven times that the Brooklyn Nine-Nine team had each other’s backs.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

"Old School"

Season 1, Episode 8

When the famous crime writer Jimmy Brogan (Stacy Keach) visits the precinct, Jake (Andy Samberg) is practically falling over himself to look good in front his idol. And he comes pretty close, letting Brogan get him so drunk that he spills a mountain of dirt about his co-workers. But it’s Brogan who winds up falling over when Jake punches the crusty reporter in the nose–not because of his quotes, but because Brogan insults Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) with a homophobic slur. And after Brogan prints a scathing write-up of Jake, Holt offers his own kind of support. Brogan, Holt assures his loyal detective, “wouldn’t know a good cop if he punched him in the face.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Season 1, Episode 11

Captain Holt’s past catches up to him when he receives death threats from the perp in an old case. Jake and Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) enthusiastically take charge of Holt’s safety, but the classically curmudgeonly Captain won’t cooperate–and not because of the curmudgeon thing. In fact, Holt just wants to keep his squad safe. So the entire squad rallies around their Captain, and thanks to their teamwork, Holt’s would-be assassin is quickly captured…well, almost. In the ultimate display of loyalty, Boyle saves Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) by taking a bullet in the butt. The squad then unites to spend Christmas Eve at a recovering Boyle’s bedside–and even the eternally stone-faced Rosa cracks a smile of gratitude.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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"The Party"

Season 1, Episode 16

A death threat-mailing shooter is nothing compared to the team’s greatest challenge: Making a good impression at the Captain’s extremely formal birthday party. Though Terry (Terry Crews) makes a valiant attempt at corralling his decidedly un-formal squad, the evening ends in disaster–made all the worse when Holt gets angry at his husband Kevin’s (Marc Evan Jackson) blatant dislike of the detectives. But though the Nine-Nine may suck at soirees, they are masters of mysteries. Jake deduces that Kevin dislikes the NYPD for their homophobic treatment of Holt, so he and the squad use their eclectic skills to arrange a beautiful, private dinner for the couple. It’s more than just an apology–it’s the perfect way for the squad to show how much they respect and appreciate their Captain.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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"Halloween II"

Season 2, Episode 4

Gina (Chelsea Peretti) isn’t the easiest person to love, but even she has her moments. In this episode, Amy (Melissa Fumero) and Rosa turn against Holt’s assistant after she appears to be slacking off even more than usual. Terry defends Gina and is surprised when she confesses the truth: Overwhelmed with finishing her Bachelor’s degree, she was kicked out of her beloved dance group, Floorgasm! Touched by Gina’s honesty, Terry immediately goes into Dad-mode and vows to help her balance work and school. But the Sergeant makes a true sacrifice when he bravely agrees to dance with Gina in an upcoming competition–with Amy and Rosa cheering from the audience.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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"The Wednesday Incident"

Season 2, Episode 16

Supportive intentions go badly awry in one of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s most dramatic episodes, in which Jake and Gina team up with Kevin to investigate Holt's bad mood. Jake discovers that not only was Holt was lightly stabbed while beating up muggers, but that he is hiding the incident from Kevin. The revelation only increases the tension in Holt's marriage, and Jake’s meddling also leaves the Captain angrier. Still, when a guilt-stricken Jake tries to make amends, Holt admits he’s really angry at himself for taking risks and hiding the truth. “Peralta,” he concedes, “You’re a genius.” Grateful for their help, Kevin even gives Jake and Gina paintings of Holt’s rocks. We can’t imagine a deeper symbol of friendship.


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"Johnny and Dora"

Season 2, Episode 23

When the slimy Madeline Wuntch (Kyra Sedgwick) tries to “promote” Captain Holt out of his beloved precinct, Brooklyn Nine-Nine gives Holt the opportunity to make the ultimate sacrifice. Initially, Holt and Gina fight back against his nemesis by executing an ingenious blackmail plan. But Wuntch has a truly diabolical plan up her sleeve: she vows to transfer every single detective in the Nine-Nine, forcing Holt to either leave the job he loves, or watch as his squad be dismembered and scattered to professional oblivion. For the selfless Holt, it’s not even a question, and he announces his “resignation” to a devastated squad, sparing them the details of the decision. Accompanied by Gina, Holt bravely leaves the Nine-Nine behind, proving that the precinct could never hope to see a more devoted Captain.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


"Into the Woods"

Season 3, Episode 6

Sometimes, it’s the person you least expect who needs the most support—even if it comes from the strangest place. That’s the case when Rosa tells Captain Holt she’s breaking up with his nephew Marcus (Nick Cannon). At Kevin’s urging, Holt encourages her to end the relationship in person and acknowledge Marcus’s feelings. The stony Rosa reluctantly follows this advice, and later complains that the experience was excruciating. But then, in a shockingly vulnerable moment, she begins to cry in front of Holt and admits that it wasn’t Marcus’s emotions that scared her, but her own feelings of love and personal disappointment. In a truly unprecedented display of empathy, Holt begins to cry as well; soon, Captain and cop are congratulating each other on their bizarrely touching (and touchingly bizarre) breakthrough.

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