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Behind the "Bazinga!" Moments on The Big Bang Theory (PHOTOS)

Rob Moynihan

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Dude, where’s our car? Jim Parsons (left), Mayim Bialik, and Johnny Galecki rehearse a driving scene using folding chairs and a steering wheel. “Sheldon and Leonard are an iconic pair of opposites that are written and acted so well,” Bialik says. “This season, more than any other, will be pointed out as very Odd Couple-y.”

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Exec producer Steven Molaro (right) gives Simon Helberg (left) and Kunal Nayyar script notes on “The Clean Room Infiltration,” a story about the guys attempting to extract a bird from their sterile lab. “That was fun because it was slapsticky,” Nayyar says. “I have a soft spot for episodes where the gang is together doing something physical.”

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Is it still called a selfie stick if you’re using it for a group photo? Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting (center) huddles up with her costars after a taping in front of a live studio audience at Stage 25 in Burbank’s Warner Bros. Studios. “I only read my own lines, so I don’t know what’s going on with the other characters,” she jokes.

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Melissa Rauch (left) gets final touch-ups for a flashback to Bernadette’s embarrassing beauty-pageant days in “The Troll Manifestation.” It wasn’t her only blush-inducing moment of Season 8: Bernadette and Amy (Bialik) took a wild girls’ trip to Vegas, and “I came really close to a stripper’s junk in that episode,” says Rauch.

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By Rob Moynihan

They laugh, they cry…they use a selfie stick. The cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory give us a backstage pass to some of their most memorable moments from Season 8. Smile and say “Bazinga!”

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