Small Fortune

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Small Fortune - NBC

Game show

Teams compete for cash prizes as they face unique miniaturized games based on real-life locations.

Matt Roush

Matt Roush says...

If it’s true that good things come in small packages, this stunt-driven game show (yet another adaptation of a British format) could be a hit. The high concept: players work with miniaturized items in big-money challenges testing their hand-eye coordination and their nerves. As the excitable host, comedian Lil Rel Howery, puts it: “Tiny game, big decisions.” If they practice more than once, it can take thousands of dollars out of their bank. (Sample game: Stacking mini-soda cans in 30 seconds in a miniature supermarket.) The final challenge is an all-or-nothing “Big Little Heist” in which all three players work together to take their money and run—or walk away empty-handed.

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