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Crime drama

A surveillance team maintains security at a large casino.

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2003–2008 Series 5 Seasons112 Episodes

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Saturday, June 1

Bare Chested in the Park

Season 4 • Episode 15

An unexpected death puts a damper on the company picnic; Los Lonely Boys.

Sunday, June 2

Junk in the Trunk

Season 4 • Episode 16

Ed discusses the possibility of retirement and buying the Montecito.

Sunday, June 2


Season 4 • Episode 17

Mike discovers that Sam has been kidnapped; Danny takes drastic measures to help a friend.

Sunday, June 2

A Hero Ain't Nothin' but a Sandwich

Season 5 • Episode 1

A cell-phone video may be a clue to who killed Mary's father.

Sunday, June 2

Shrink Rap

Season 5 • Episode 2

A cell-phone video may be a clue to who killed Mary's father.

Sunday, June 2

The Glass Is Always Cleaner

Season 5 • Episode 3

Friendships are at stake when the new casino owner tries to make changes at the Montecito.

Monday, June 3

Head Games

Season 5 • Episode 4

Cooper secures a beauty pageant for the Montecito, but things go awry.

Monday, June 3

Run, Cooper, Run

Season 5 • Episode 5

Danny and Mike find themselves in the middle of a crime scene.

Monday, June 3

When Life Gives You Lemon Bars

Season 5 • Episode 6

In the spirit of Halloween, Piper dresses up in various costumes to scare her co-workers.

Monday, June 3

Adventures in the Skin Trade

Season 5 • Episode 7

Danny and Mike see a strip-club owner get physical with a stripper.

Saturday, June 8

It's Not Easy Being Green

Season 5 • Episode 8

The casino plays host to an environmentally friendly conference.

Sunday, June 9

My Uncle's a Gas

Season 5 • Episode 9

Danny gets a surprise visit from the fire marshal and his alcoholic uncle.

Sunday, June 9

The High Price of Gas

Season 5 • Episode 10

The effects of the Montecito robbery reverberate all over Las Vegas.

Sunday, June 9

A Cannon Carol

Season 5 • Episode 11

Mike begins to doubt his place in Las Vegas; Sam invites a client to visit the casino.

Sunday, June 9

I Could Eat a Horse

Season 5 • Episode 12

Danny and Mike head to Wyoming to buy a horse; Delinda looks for a new chef.

Sunday, June 9

3 Babes, 100 Guns and a Fat Chick

Season 5 • Episode 13

Bounty hunters and FBI agents descend on the Montecito when they track a fugitive from justice.

Monday, June 10

Secrets, Lies and Lamaze

Season 5 • Episode 14

Piper gets in trouble with the gaming commission; Danny and Delinda go to a parenting class.

Monday, June 10

Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast

Season 5 • Episode 15

Sam needs to get rid of evidence after her whales visit a strip club.

Monday, June 10

2 on 2

Season 5 • Episode 16

Piper's evaluation for the Concierge of the Year award tests her skills.

Monday, June 10

Win, Place, Bingo

Season 5 • Episode 17

Cooper, Danny and Mike are suspicious of a man who has a nearly perfect winning streak.

Saturday, June 15


Season 1 • Episode 1

Big Ed Deline leads a team charged with maintaining security at a large casino.

Sunday, June 16

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Season 1 • Episode 2

The body of Danny's friend is found in the desert; Ed conceals a senator's identity.

Sunday, June 16

Donny, We Hardly Knew Ye

Season 1 • Episode 3

Danny and Ed become suspicious when a high roller cashes in chips but never plays a hand.

Sunday, June 16

Jokers and Fools

Season 1 • Episode 4

Danny and Ed hope a bumbling card player will lead them back to the head of his cheating ring.

Sunday, June 16

Groundhog Summer

Season 1 • Episode 5

Danny and Ed hunt for a sexual predator targeting hotel guests.

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