Kyle Allen

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Actor • Dancer • Acrobat

Birth Date: October 10, 1994

Age: 29 years old

Birth Place: Livermore, California

Formerly an acrobat and ballet dancer, Kyle Allen made the leap into acting with a performance as questioning teen Hawk Lane in cult-based drama "The Path" (Hulu, 2015-). Born in Livermore, CA in 1994, Allen first trained as an acrobat and gymnast for six years before switching his attention to dance when he landed a place at the prestigious Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, DC. Allen's interest in acting began when he attended improv classes at Lauren Patrice Nadler's studio and after appearing in numerous commercials, he landed his first role in horror web series "The Dead Diaries" (2014).

A year later he starred in the horror short "Never Leave Me" (2015), but his big break arrived when he was cast as Hawk Lane, the teenage son of Michelle Monaghan and Aaron Paul's cult devotees whose faith begins to waver when he falls in love with a high school classmate, in "The Path" (Hulu, 2015-). Allen then moved onto the big screen when he played Isabelle Fuhrman's love interest Andy in romantic drama "1 Night" (2016) and appeared in the "Her Only Living Son" segment of the female-driven horror anthology "XX" (2017). Allen had roles in films such as "West Side Story" (2021), "The In Between" (2022), "A Haunting in Venice" (2023) and has several projects in the works.

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