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David Hudgins is a writer and producer most closely associated with the high-school football series "Friday Night Lights." Born in 1965 in Durham, North Carolina, Hudgins studied law at Southern Methodist University and practiced in Dallas before moving to Los Angeles in 2003 to become a screenwriter. He quickly landed a job on the writing staff of the WB drama "Everwood," penning various episodes, including the finale, over the show's four-season run. During that time Hudgins also teamed up with producer Brian Glazer and director Peter Berg to co-produce the original screen adaptation of H.G. Bissinger's book "Friday Night Lights." When Berg created a serial version of the film for NBC, Hudgins came along to produce and write for the show. He used his clout from the success of "Friday Night Lights" to create his own paranormal drama, "Past Life," about a team of detectives that investigate past lives to help solve crimes. While fans of the genre thought the show held promise, it was quickly cancelled by the Fox network after seven episodes. Afterwards, Hudgins served as co-executive producer on another film-to-TV adaptation, "Parenthood."

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