Chris Tallman

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Actor • Comedian

Birth Date: September 22, 1970

Age: 52 years old

Birth Place: Madison, Wisconsin

Since launching his acting career in the late 1990s, Chris Tallman landed dozens of roles across a wide swath of the television landscape. Best known for making multiple appearances as Gary the Klansman on the satiric cop show "Reno 911!" (Comedy Central 2003-09), he landed numerous roles on several other of the cable network's comedy programs, including "The Sarah Silverman Program" (2007-2010) and "Crossballs: The Debate Show" (2004), on which he served as host. Tallman also wrote, directed, and starred in the widely-popular Internet comedy series, "Time Belt" (Channel 101, 2003-04), which earned him a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2007 Channel 101 Awards. He may not be a household name, but through sheer hard work and dedication to his craft, Chris Tallman managed to carve out a successful career as a working TV comedy actor.

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