What If: ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters Were Cast in ‘Parks and Recreation’ (PHOTOS)

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The Hound and Arya as Ron Swanson and April Ludgate

There’s no doubt that The Hound and Arya are the Ron and April of Westeros considering their deep bond over shared hatred of others. Like April, Arya has a definite dark side and similar to Ron, The Hound’s crude one-liners hit the same kind of notes Ron’s words of wisdom often serve up.

GOTPARKS collage 12

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen as Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope

Sure, they may not be related, but Ben and Leslie make a great team (like Dany and Jon before you know what…) Just like Leslie, Daenerys can get a little fiery when riled up but deep down always wanted what was best even if it means taking a spot of power. And just like Ben, Jon is offered a position of power and doesn’t want to steal the thunder from his woman… They’re basically the same people.

GOTPARKS collage 10

Bran Stark as Orin

Bran may be the new king, but his strange nature makes him the perfect fit for April’s offbeat friend Orin. Like Orin, Bran has an affinity for animals, talking in a ghostly voice and offering cryptic remarks that leave you questioning their sanity.

GOTPARKS collage 3

Gendry Baratheon as Andy Dwyer

Sure, Gendry may have been MIA for a lot of Thrones but his loyalty, strength and at times gullible nature definitely reminds one of Andy Dwyer. Like Andy, Gendry is prone to premature proposals to love interests with questionable age gaps.

GOTPARKS collage 6

Sansa Stark as Ann Perkins

Sansa Stark began Game of Thrones as a young girl chasing after the wrong guy, much like Ann’s start on Parks. And, just like Ann, Sansa eventually grew more confident and independent which makes her the perfect candidate to step into the self-assured Ann’s shoes.

GOTPARKS collage 5

Tyrion Lannister as Chris Traeger

Smart and wordy, Tyrion is a lot like Chris minus the fitness obsession which in Tryion’s case is drinking. Like Chris, Tyrion is an intellectual who tends to make some big mistakes and you can’t help but love them in the end.

GOTPARKS collage 9

Brienne of Tarth as Donna Meagle

She may not be about Donna’s belief in treating yourself, but Brienne’s tough no-nonsense ways certainly reflect the Parks Department employee. Like Donna, Brienne doesn’t put up with trouble from anyone and isn’t afraid to threaten anyone she needs to.

GOTPARKS collage 7

Jaime Lannister as Tom Haverford

It may not be an obvious choice, but Jaime’s wish-washy ways definitely reflect Tom’s concern for keeping with the latest trends. Like Tom, Jaime is also less suited to harsher lifestyles and isn’t that lucky in love.

GOTPARKS collage 11

Samwell Tarly as Jerry Gergich

Sweet in nature, Samwell doesn’t usually get the due he’s owed by others just like Jerry. When Sam attempted to introduce democracy to Westeros, his fellow lords and ladies laughed, just like the Parks Department anytime Jerry offered up an idea.

GOTPARKS collage 2

Hodor as Perd Hapley

This connection is simple. Perd says it like it is and Hodor’s vocab is limited… you do the math.

GOTPARKS collage 8

Euron Greyjoy as Jean-Ralphio

The pirate-esque Euron was both entertaining and annoying, just like Parks‘ Jean Ralphio. Both men aren’t afraid to schmooze their way to the top, but just like their eagerness to rise in the ranks, they’re equally susceptible to failure.

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Have you ever wondered what connections two vastly different shows share? Perhaps two fan favorites like Game of Thrones and Parks and Recreation? Well, we’re drawing similarities between the people of Westeros and the citizens of Pawnee, Indiana.

From shared interests to personality markers, these characters have a lot more in common than you may have thought before. In the gallery above we answer the question, “What if Game of Thrones characters were cast in Parks and Recreation?”

Some connections may shock you, while others you probably could have seen from a mile away. Click through the images above for a peek at what could be the Parks Department of Westeros.