6 Teen Dramas Worthy of a Reboot or Revival (PHOTOS)

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The CW

The Vampire Diaries

The vampire craze may have seen its height in the mid-2000s, but modern-day viewers are still all about the supernatural, and this CW show definitely still has some stories to tell. With a plot driven by two vampire brothers and their shared love interest — not to mention plenty of rich history and mythology to tackle — we could easily see this series come back for more epic battles in the fictional town of Mystic Falls.



This mega-popular Ryan Murphy-created series was everything anyone could’ve wanted from a teen comedy-drama series: full of singing, scandals, and socially driven issues. Glee’s historically large and ever-changing main cast makes it the perfect fit to follow in the footsteps of the Gossip Girl reboot by casting a newer, younger group to tell some updated stories.

The WB

Dawson’s Creek

As one of the pivotal teen-themed dramas of the 1990s, Dawson’s Creek was all about coming of age. But what happens after that? The series left off on some tragic endings — in more ways than one — and a revival could address what life is like for our favorite characters after a not-so-happily ever after. Are Joey and Pacey really meant to be? Has Dawson survived in Hollywood? Is Jen’s daughter okay? We need answers, and we need the original cast to provide them.

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One Tree Hill

Romance, basketball, and some crazy twists and turns along the way are what made One Tree Hill the iconic show that it is. Like most teen dramas, the series started off sweet and innocent, focusing on high school relationships and sibling rivalry. Fast forward nine seasons, and the show saw everything from murder and drug addiction to pregnancies and marriage. It’s quite the wild journey, and we wouldn’t mind reliving it.


The O.C.

If a show filled with as many plot twists and as much drama as Gossip Girl can score a reboot, then there’s certainly hope for The O.C. The two series have so many similarities, which isn’t hard to believe given that each claim Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage as executive producers. Whether giving fans a flash-forward to modern day Seth and Summer or recasting new faces for the California teens, a reboot or revival would be of great service to the teen drama genre.


Freaks and Geeks

We still haven’t gotten over this cult classic getting the plug pulled before its second season. And because fans deserved so much more of this series — which catapulted stars like Linda Cardellini and Seth Rogen — our only hope now can be through a reboot or revival. While we still want to know what happened on Lindsay’s Grateful Dead tour and whether Daniel would officially become a geek, we can settle for the original cast playing out their characters’ fates many years after high school.

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TV’s reboot and revival renaissance is upon us, from the current BH90210 and Will & Grace to the upcoming Varsity Blues and Punky Brewster series. But the recent news about an updated spin on Gossip Girl, set eight years after the events of the original, is giving us hope for another golden era of revivals: teen dramas.

From painful coming of age stories to over-the-top romances, high school portrayals are always overflowing with entertainment. Click through the gallery above to relive all the delightfully ’90s problems and quirky mid-2000s obsessions, and see our choices of teen-centric shows worthy of a reboot or revival.