Murderers’ Row: 5 True Crime Series Cracking Mind-Boggling Cases

Secrets of a Psychopath

If mind-boggling murders are your go-to for true crime binges, then you’re in luck as several new titles are set to premiere in the coming weeks. (Others are streaming now!) Whether it’s covering well-known figures like the Golden State Killer or profiling foreign cases, you’ll find them in this stellar lineup, below.

if I can't have you: the jodie arias story

If I Can’t Have You: The Jodi Arias Story

After her ex’s corpse was found in the shower, she sang, laughed, and did a headstand in the interrogation room. Imagine what this special’s unseen footage will show of the femme fatale! Discovery+

moment of truth imdb tv

Moment of Truth

Two teens went down for the shooting death of basketball great Michael Jordan’s dad, James — but the case was never open and shut. A five-part exposé. April 2, IMDb TV

secrets of a psychopath

Secrets of a Psychopath

“You have this hold over me that terrifies me,” writes a vulnerable Dublin woman in this three-part look at a slave-master sex relationship that goes horribly wrong. March 23, Sundance Now, AMC+

Golden State Killer
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Very Scary People

For Season 3, Donnie Wahlberg profiles some of the, uh, biggest names in bad deeds, like the Golden State Killer, the Dating Game Killer, and the Amityville Horror. May, HLN

the widower peacock
NBC News

The Widower

NBC’s juicy February three-parter from Team Dateline — about Thomas Randolph, the Las Vegas eccentric who’s buried four of his six wives — comes to streaming. Peacock